As interior designers become our new influencers, it’s logical they open shops to sell their finds. Along with Trove by Studio Duggan (thetrove.co.uk) and Alex Eagle’s shop (alexeagle.co.uk), Sophie Ashby is the latest chic designer to launch an online retail brand, Sister, with a central-London store coming next year. The collection will feature made-to-order furniture, antiques, cushions, art and collectables.

“Sister is a mix of high and low,” Ashby says. “It’s an extension of my design studio, but it was designed for people who couldn’t afford our service.” She says that young women – the kind who follow her on social media – are her intended audience. “We’ve created an intentionally youthful, feminine brand because I seem to have endless conversations with women I meet who express a real passion for interiors and home.” (studioashby.com)



While getting out to source our own treasures has been harder for much of 2020, there has been a rise in Instagram sourcers who are willing to put the hard work so you don’t have to. Tat London for instance, is a curated online junk/treasure shop for her 100k followers by ex-interiors journalist Charlie Porter (tat-london.co.uk). Meanwhile The Assortment (@the.assortment) sources beautiful finds for the home by stylish PR Sarah Graham. Some have specialities: @foliechambre often deals with rattan and cane pieces, while @tarn_london loves a bobbin leg and a bit of brass.



Kitchens have long been the most important room in the house. There is a raft of British companies that can transform the space, from truly bespoke, handcrafted cupboards such as Devol Kitchens (based in Leicestershire; devolkitchens.co.uk) and Plain English (based in Suffolk; plainenglishdesign.co.uks), which favour the traditional aesthetic to the plucky newcomers that design cool new cupboard fronts for existing carcasses (or the whole lot) such as Norfolk-based Naked Kitchens (nakedkitchens.com), south London company Pluck (pluck.kitchen) and Wood & Wire based in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire (woodandwire.co.uk).

A new year is always a good excuse to invest in new kitchenware, from pans with a timeless design that don’t have Teflon coating by Ely-based Crane Cookware (cranecookware.com) to the heritage label, Birmingham company Falcon Ware (falconenamelware.com). Shropshire-based Netherton Foundry has made an array of beautiful hand-spun iron cooking pans (available at to.ast) while The River Café has also just launched an online store full of exciting homeware, including pans, decanters and glass gelato spoons (shoptherivercafe.co.uk).

For new tea towels, oven mitts and aprons, why not inject some personality into your room with one of many handmade, African-inspired designs by Bespoke Binny (bespokebinny.com)?