June 1, 2023


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Visit the site and explore more regarding zonbase

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ZonBase - Voted #1 Amazon Product Research & PPC Software!


As long as Amazon FBA has been there, people have talked about the best techniques to succeed. However, deciding which of the many research tools on the market is the most cost-effective may be a challenge.


As a novice and veteran FBA seller, we hope to alleviate your agony and help you choose the finest Amazon seller software by inviting you to visit the site. Here, we’ll take a look at four of the most often utilized product research tools: ZonBase is on the lookout for further information, so they went to the website in question.


One common goal is to assist merchants in becoming great sellers in the industry with an all-in-one platform from all four applications. Some of the tools they give are useful, while others are merely there to help other tools.


In terms of cost, which platform is the most affordable for you?


Monthly and yearly subscription options are available for all of them. Here’s a simple comparison of how each platform is priced and which one will be most useful for your needs.




ZonBase’s price structure is the most straightforward and cheap of all the platforms. Additionally, it provides a discount for yearly policies. Only two options are available: the regular and legendary plans, which cost $47 and $97 a month, respectively. If you pay annually, the cost drops to $37 and $67 each month instead. Amazon sellers may use Zonbase to study items, uncover successful niches, predict sales and execute keyword research, as well as track product rank in the Amazon search.


In terms of sales forecasting, which of the following is the best:


A Sales Estimator tool is included in each of their product research tools. Use this tool to estimate the monthly sales volume of the ASIN you provide. With their guidance, you can figure out which products sell the best month after month so you may better manage your company’s operations.


Sales estimator tools have been tested and demonstrate that none of them produce a precise number for sales. In contrast, ZonBase’s sales estimator tool, which has helped hundreds of clients develop their businesses based on the actual sales statistics of the ASINs they input, is the most accurate tool in the industry.


New Amazon sellers should seek the most precise tool that delivers a close approximation of a selling price.


Sales estimates from Viral Lunch, Jungle Scout, and Helium 10 have been disputed by vendors who claim to have seen a discrepancy between their actual sales and the estimates.


ZonBase, on the other hand, uses a strong Machine Learning algorithm to discover the most accurate sales units that every ASIN is selling and provides you with a basis from which you can choose what goods you may offer and create high volume sales.


ZonBase has the best Sales Estimator software. We propose ZonBase to all new Amazon sellers as a starting point for their product sales estimations on Amazon.com.