June 10, 2023


Creative living

Try these wintertime touches for your home

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Wintertime is officially here, and for many of us that means frosty mornings and colder days.

While you may not want to bring winter indoors (frosty mornings are much better left outside!), you can re-create the beauty of the season indoors and deck your home out in subtle details that pay homage to winter in a number of ways.

Draw inspiration from the season and re-imagine your home with these beautiful and elegant wintertime touches.

An oversized shag rug adds both warmth and texture to this living space. (Cathy Hobbs/TNS)


Cozy fires and flickering candles are the essence of winter. Few things can add a sense of warmth to a home like candles. Best of all they’re fun, versatile and affordable. Stock up on candles in a range of varying heights, and consider investing in some beautiful candlesticks – a wonderful way to warm your home this winter.

Soft lights

Bright, harsh lights tend to result in a severe and unwelcoming atmosphere. Table and floor lamps are a welcome change for winter and will produce a soft, inviting light.