lamborghini diablo

Gulf Coast Motor Works/eBay Motors

The Diablo is, to me, the V-12 Lamborghini to get. It’s got the drama and the weirdness of the Countach, but without the stratospheric prices that those command on the used market. And unlike a used Aventador or Murcielago, it doesn’t come off as the budget Lamborghini, bought to flex on other people; it’s old-school cool at this point. And now, I’ve found a perfect example for sale.

True, my definition of perfect is probably different from that of traditionalists. I don’t consider a car that’s 19 years old and has 12 miles on the odometer to be “perfect.” I consider it “wasted.” But this one—for sale at Gulf Coast Motorworks—has 48,930 miles, enough that it’s lived a full and interesting life under the care of owners who appreciated it.

Importantly, it isn’t beat up from those miles. The exterior looks fantastic, while the interior design has aged surprisingly well. There’s some clear wear on the driver’s yellow leather bucket seat, but you’ll be too distracted by the fantastic gated manual to care.

That shifter’s also handling power from the 6.0-liter V-12, a one-year-only engine for this car that absolutely rips. Early Diablos are great in their own right, of course, but this is absolutely the engine and model year that I’d want. But that doesn’t make this my ideal Diablo; there are multiple 2001s for sale right now.

No. I love this because it’s painted Giallo Evros (Fly yellow). Reportedly only six made it to the States in this color, but my God it’s spectacular. It’s outlandish, striking, and utterly perfect on a 20-year-old Italian supercar with scissor doors that’s named after the Devil. The color is the ideal accent to this car’s inherent craziness; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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