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The Best House Slipper for 2022

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A house slippers on the sofa at home.

A house slippers on the sofa at home.

Working long hours, wearing uncomfortable shoes or having medical conditions can contribute to pain in your heels. When you’re coming home from a long day of work and want to unwind, your feet need a little pampering too – and nothing accomplishes this faster than comfortable house slippers. With a cozy pair of house slippers, your feet get some much needed cushioning after a long and tiring day.

House shoes keep your feet warm and supported while you’re at home. Since there are countless options available, choosing the right pair can be a challenge. Below, you will find our reviews of the top house slippers in 2022, helping you find premium brands and have confidence in your decision.

A comfortable and cozy house slipper can help your feet get essential support. So, buying a high-quality slipper is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor.

Comparing our favorite house slippers of 2022

Two-Tone Memory Foam: RockDove House Slippers

A two stone style house slipper

A two stone style house slipper

at Amazon

These RockDove House Slippers are a classic two-tone style with luxurious 360 degree memory foam.

This product offers a reliable insole, conforming to the shape of your foot and rebounding within two seconds after taking them off. The memory foam surrounds the foot comfortably, and the ½ inch heel cushion reduces pressure on the heel relieving stress.

These slippers are made with 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials. Moreover, the material is breathable, offering sweat and odor resistance, and is machine washable for easy cleaning. With a waffle-knit top and a plush lining, this is the perfect footwear for inside the house. However, with their solid rubber soles, you can also use them outside on your porch or backyard.

Plush Cross Band: Parlovable House Slippers

A flaunts thick house slippers

A flaunts thick house slippers

at Amazon

Parlovable is a women-centric brand, providing endless comfort to women’s feet without compromising style.

This product flaunts thick and fluffy faux rabbit fur on the top in a cross-band style as well as a rigid, non-slip TPR sole. With high-density shock-absorbant memory foam, this footwear helps relieve pressure on the heels, making your steps seamless. Moreover, these comfy items also provide extra stability with their anti-skid texture, making you feel safe and secure.

You can get these slippers in 13 different colors, including two alternate two-tone designs. This soft and cozy plush footwear is made with breathable material suitable for all types of weather. You can give these elegant products as gifts to any of the wonderful women in your life.

Hoodback Clog: Isotoner House Slippers

A foam cushioning house slipper

A foam cushioning house slipper

at Amazon

These Isotoner House Slippers are made with premium plush micro terry, making your feet feel cushioned and cared for.

This product has memory foam cushioning, providing incredible comfort and absorbing impact when walking. And, if you suffer pain from plantar fasciitis, these slippers will provide additional relief with their multilayer EVA arch support. This footwear has a mule hood back design, making them easy to slip on and off. Moreover, the durable rubber outsole offers secure footing for on the go lifestyles.

This product is lightweight with a sole designed for ultimate comfort. The style and structuring of the item are decent and robust. You can use these multipurpose slippers on plain or wood floors without having to worry about scratches and slipping.

Two-Tone Moccasins: IZOD House Slippers

A no-lace house slippers

A no-lace house slippers

at Amazon

These Izod House Slippers are designed like classic moccasins. These are no-lace slippers, meaning you can easily slip them on and off without hassle.

Their sole is made with anti-skidding TPR, making them safe for most surfaces. And, the rubber sole is sturdy and durable enough for moderate outdoor activity. Having memory foam cushioning, this extra comfy footwear will keep your feet feeling cozy without blocking breathability.

These house slippers are available in five alternate two-tone designs and come in different sizes suitable for teenage boys and adult men. You can give these as gifts to your brother, father or loved ones.

Faux Fur Scuffs: Jessica Simpsons House Slippers

A microsuede exterior, faux fur lining, and memory foam cushioning house slippers

A microsuede exterior, faux fur lining, and memory foam cushioning house slippers

at Amazon

Jessica Simpsons House Slippers are made with a microsuede exterior, faux fur lining, and memory foam cushioning.

The memory foam supports your heels enough for all-day wear, and faux fur lining keeps your feet comfortable and cozy. These slippers have an open back and closed-toe design with an anti-slip and waterproof sole. The sturdy and durable sole makes it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

This product is available in different elegant colors and trendy patterns. Moreover, they are machine-washable, so if they get dirty, you can throw them in the washing machine, and they’ll be clean again in no time.

A buying guide to the top house slippers

You can find a wide variety of house slippers in-store and online. Our buying guide will help you find the right footwear, giving your feet the comfort they deserve.

Factors to consider when buying slippers

Different types of footwear suit different people and often depend on their function and setting. So, before buying a house slipper, you should keep a few factors in mind:


The first thing to consider when buying footwear is its size. Usually, we pick a pair of shoes depending on our standard size, but slippers have a different shape and style than other products. So, make sure you look at the size chart carefully before purchasing. Some brands also mention, on their size chart, that a particular item runs small, so it’s better to order one a size up. Ordering a larger size is preferable to buying footwear that is too tight or restrictive.


Slippers are made with a number of different materials and your particular preferences can impact which one you should purchase. Despite this, it’s good to remember the finest materials are the ones that keep your feet comfortable, providing them with sufficient arch support and warmth.

Additionally, make sure the material you choose is breathable and machine washable. If the footwear is fluffy and plushy, it can make feet hot and sweaty, so it needs to be breathable enough to prevent odors. The sole’s material should also be sturdy enough for moderate outdoor activity. And the sole should be non-marking and anti-skid, providing secure footing without damaging floors.


The quality of a product is another essential factor to consider before purchase. Quality usually depends on the materials used and the construction. For instance, leather house slippers are generally better quality than fleece options. But it also depends on several other factors, like the quality of stitching, insoles and soles. Take a close look at stitching quality because cheaply stitched items do not last long and can rip apart after a few uses.

House Flooring

Another factor to keep in mind when purchasing footwear is your house’s floor. Since house slippers are mostly worn inside the house, they should provide safe and secure footing. For that, you need to keep your flooring in mind. For instance, if you have hardwood flooring, you need a thick-soled slipper, whereas carpeted floors don’t require thicker soles.

House slippers styles

These products are found in a variety of builds and materials. These are some commonly available styles:

In-house slippers

In-house slippers are designed to be used only inside your home. These products usually don’t have a hard sole like outdoor versions. Their primary function is to provide comfort to the feet when indoors. Having softer soles, this style of slippers isn’t noisy and won’t scratch surfaces.

Outdoor slippers

As the name suggests, outdoor slippers are designed for wearing outside the house. This type of footwear usually has hard soles made of rubber, wood or plastic. These products can be worn on pavements and roads. However, these are also not designed for long-distance hikes. But you can definitely use them for going for a walk around the block, getting your morning paper or walking the dog.

Clog slippers

Clog slippers resemble clogs, a specific type of shoe made to enclose feet fully, but their heel is relatively low. These are made with soft fabrics with fleece lining for added comfort. The soles are also flexible, but are still not suitable for extensive walking and should be worn mostly inside the house.

Open heel slippers

Open heel slippers do not have an enclosed shape, leaving the backside open. These are the most accessible type of slip-on footwear. They keep feet warm without having to enclose them from heel to toe.

Flip flops

Flip flops are another popular item, commonly worn in hotter months. These are open-toed and open-heeled, designed mainly to be worn on the beach. However, many people wear them at home or outside during warmer weather.

Common materials

This kind of comfortable footwear can be made with different materials, and you should choose the one that suits your requirements and preferences. Some common materials include:


Wool is a perfect material for colder months, wicking away moisture while providing enough warmth and remaining breathable. Moreover, wool is both durable and hypoallergenic, ideal for footwear.


Cotton footwear is also breathable, but it tends to absorb moisture instead of wicking it away. So, if your feet sweat a lot, these slippers can absorb it and produce odor.


Fleece is a synthetic fabric made from polyester. Fleece footwear is warm and fuzzy and tends to be lighter than wool versions. Moreover, these are also breathable but less so than cotton products.

Suede or faux suede

Suede or faux suede products also provide warmth and comfort. However, pure suede absorbs dirt, water and moisture, making it harder to keep it clean. So, faux suede slippers are a better option as they are relatively easy to maintain.


Leather slippers are made from premium-quality tanned rawhides. It is a water-resistant and breathable material that develops character over time. However, leather slippers are usually more expensive than other products.

Memory foam

Memory foam was previously only used on mattresses and pillows, but now you can find it in insoles. This material conforms to the contours of your feet, providing support and comfort.


Rubber is commonly used for making outdoor versions or soles of indoor products. It is a strong, flexible and durable material used to make high-quality outsoles. These soles are less expensive than leather products and provide better traction.

How to clean house slippers and maintain durability

If you wear this footwear around your house, including the porch and backyard, the slippers will quickly get dirty. So make sure you purchase a machine-washable product.

You should carefully look at the cleaning instructions to determine if the slippers will be easy to clean or not. Some can be washed easily in a washer, while others need to be soaked and hand-washed. Similarly, some can be tossed in a dryer, while others have to air dry. So, read the cleaning manual carefully and keep your comfy footwear clean and long-lasting.

People also asked

Should house slippers be tight or loose?

Most house slippers are made with materials that stretch after wearing. So, it is better to purchase a snug-fitting house slipper instead of one too tight or too loose.

What can I do if my house slippers are too large?

If your house slippers are too big for your feet, you can use full insoles or foam insoles to improve the fit.

How long does a pair of house slippers last?

A good-quality pair of house slippers can last from six to eight years, depending on the level of use.

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