June 1, 2023


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Tesla unveils new Model S with new interior, crazy steering wheel, and more

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Tesla has unveiled for the first time the highly anticipated new Model S refresh with an “entirely new interior” with crazy steering wheel, new powertrain and more.

It also comes with new prices and trims

New Tesla Model S Interior

We have been reporting on an upcoming Model S interior refresh for years now and it finally came.

Tesla hasn’t been giving a lot of love to its Model S and Model X programs design-wise and while they have been often getting incremental performance upgrades, the vehicles have become stale and it showed in the sales.

Now Tesla has finally unveiled the new Model S and the number one change is a brand new interior:

It comes with several expected changes like a horizontal center display and they retain an instrument cluster – though they made smaller as we reported back in 2018.

While the instrument cluster is smaller, you are going to have a good view of it thanks to the new a butterfly steering wheel.

Tesla calls it a “yoke” steering:

“The ultimate focus on driving: no stalks, no shifting. With a stalkless steering yoke, you can enjoy both the best car to drive, and the best car to be driven in.”

Here’s a closer look at the new Model S steering wheel:

That’s similar to the steering wheel that Tesla unveiled on the new Roadster back in 2017.

But that’s not it, Tesla also added a third display at the rear of the Model S for passengers.

Tesla writes about the displays inside the new Model S:

“With 2200×1300 resolution, ultra-bright colors with exceptional responsiveness and left-right tilt, the new center display is an ideal touchscreen for entertainment and gaming anywhere. A second display in front of the driver shows critical driving information, and a third display provides entertainment and controls for rear passengers.”

Here are a few pictures of the new interior with the new displays:

Tesla also introduced a new glass roof to the Model S and a picture of it gives us a great look at the entire interior including the new backseat with a center console:

Here are all the features in the updated Tesla Model S interior

Audio and Media

  • Premium 22-speaker audio with active noise cancelling
  • Multi-device music and media over Bluetooth®
  • 17” center display, 12.3” driver’s display, and 8” second row display
  • Gaming computer with 10 teraflops of processing power
  • Wireless controller compatibility


  • Heated seats for every passenger, heated steering and heated windshield
  • Ventilated front seating
  • Tri-zone Airwave cabin conditioning
  • HEPA air filtration system
  • Custom driver profiles with automatic easy-entry and exit
  • Ambient lighting
  • Tinted glass roof
  • Ultraviolet and infrared protection on all glass


  • Front center console with sliding cup holders and storage
  • Second row stowable center armrest with integrated storage and wireless charging
  • Automatic opening and closing rear liftgate
  • Auto dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors
  • 28 ft³ of cargo space and secure front trunk
  • Wireless and USB-C fast charging for every passenger
  • Location-aware automatic garage door opener
  • Phone Key

Premium Connectivity, 1 year complimentary

  • Live traffic visualization
  • Satellite-View Maps
  • Video Streaming with access to Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Twitch, and more
  • Caraoke
  • Music Streaming
  • Internet Browser
    *New features that become available after delivery may be subject to additional charges.

New Tesla Model S Performance, Trims and Pricing

While the interior update is the most significant at first glance, Tesla has also updated the Model S under the hood and changed its configurations.

Model S now starts at $80,000 before incentives and Tesla got rid of the ‘Performance’ version to replace it by ‘Plaid’ and ‘Plaid+’:

As you can see, the exterior design was also updated with a chrome delete and a different front-end.

The Model S Long Range now gets 412 miles of range, which goes down to 390 miles if you go with the higher performance ‘Plaid’ version.

As for the ‘Plaid+’, Tesla is expecting over 520 miles out of the vehicle, as the automaker previously announced.

Here are the different specs for the different trims of the new Model S:

Tesla confirmed that they “fully redesigned” the battery modules and pack of the Model S and Model X for the update.

We previously reported on Tesla’s secret ‘Palladium’ project, which involved new production lines for battery packs and bodies for the Model S and Model X.

Tesla also built new drivetrains using technology used in Model 3 and Model Y motors as well as the heat pump first introduced in Model Y and more recently in Model 3.

It should make the Model S and Model X more efficient.

Tesla confirmed that production of the new Model S will start “in Q1” without confirming an exact timeline for deliveries.

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