May 31, 2023


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Tesla launches 2021 Model Y with center console “refresh”, new door panel design, heated steering wheel

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Tesla has officially launched the China-made 2021 Model Y which includes a new interior design with an updated center console, new door panels, a heated steering wheel, HEPA air filtration system (aka bioweapon defense mode), and other similarities to its 2021 Tesla Model 3 “refresh”.

Updates made to Tesla Model Y Design Studio for the Chinese market went live on New Year’s Day, giving prospective buyers a look at the new pricing for the Model Y Dual Motor AWD and Model Y Performance variant and a glimpse of its subtle interior design updates.

Among the more visible updates to the China Model Y design when compared to its US counterpart is the appearance of the updated center console that replaces Tesla’s glossy black center console cover with a matte finish and sliding center console door. The appearance of the “refreshed” center console first appeared in the Made-in-China Model 3 that, soon after, made its way to the Fremont-produced 2021 Tesla Model 3 for the US market.

China Tesla Model Y Design Studio

Another interior update that can be seen in the MIC 2021 Tesla Model Y is a revised door panel design that matches that of Tesla’s locally-produced 2021 Model 3. A visual comparison between the US and China Model 3, courtesy of @JayinShanghai, shows an additional door trim with the same finish as the dashboard trim.

Taking a closer look at the China Tesla Model Y Design Studio and the wood trim that extends beyond the dashboard to wrap around to the door panel becomes more evident. Tesla is expected to roll out the updated door panel design and refreshed center console to the US production Tesla Model Y in the coming months, in a bid to unify suppliers and streamline production between the Model 3 and Model Y.

The MIC Tesla Model Y also includes a heated steering wheel and “HEPA high efficiency air filtration system” that Tesla otherwise refers to as “Bioweapon defense mode” in its flagship Model S and Model X vehicles.


Tesla launches 2021 Model Y with center console “refresh”, new door panel design, heated steering wheel