Ulrich Grimm, Global Head of Non-apparel Design, to Depart Calvin Klein After 22 Years

Ulrich Grimm, global head of non-apparel design at Calvin Klein Inc., is leaving the company, effective Aug. 2.

Grimm has been with Calvin Klein for almost 22 years and previously served as executive vice president, design, shoes and accessories.

During his time at the brand, the highly regarded Grimm built a strong global alignment across its accessories, including some of the licensed categories such as eyewear and watches and jewelry. He oversaw design for accessories, footwear and home.

Reached for comment, Grimm told WWD that following the pandemic, several CKI divisions were restructured, and his position was eliminated. He said he’s planning to enjoy the rest of the summer at the beach and then explore opportunities either in New York or potentially return to Europe for the right opportunity.

“I will always be honored to say that Mr. Klein hired me directly 23 years ago to be responsible for the

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Virgin Galactic is unveiling the interior cabin of its SpaceShipTwo rocket that will fly people to the edge of space after 16 years of effort

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo "Unity" launches toward the edge of space on December 13, 2018.
Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo “Unity” launches toward the edge of space on December 13, 2018.

Virgin Galactic; MarsScientific.com/Trumbull Studios

  • Virgin Galactic is gearing up to launch paying passengers to the edge of space aboard a reusable winged rocket ship called SpaceShipTwo.

  • The publicly traded spaceflight and space tourism company, founded by Richard Branson in 2004, plans to reveal the finalized design of SpaceShipTwo’s cabin on Tuesday.

  • Virgin Galactic won’t say when it plans to begin launching space tourists, and has suffered many delays over the years.

  • However, the company has moved into final experimental flights to earn FAA approval and complete an internal test program.

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Sixteen years after Richard Branson founded Virgin Galactic, the company plans to unveil the interior design of its centerpiece suborbital rocket ship, SpaceShipTwo.

The vehicle is designed to fly to supersonic speeds and pierce the unofficial boundary of

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‘It Nearly Brings Me to Tears.’ 20 Years On, The Sims’ Diehard Fans Could Never Let Go

For two decades this year, fans of The Sims have been designing houses, raising families, and living entire lives within the confines of the irresistibly charming virtual world. Over the course of those 20 years, four mainline games, and dozens of spinoffs, The Sims has charmed millions of fans, made more than $5 billion, and even changed lives. That kind of staying power is rare in an industry that prizes novelty over stability, always chasing the newest trend.

Key to The Sims’ success, say the creative minds behind the series, are the millions of players who love the games, and their connection to the games’ creators. “The biggest piece of our legacy is our players,” says Mike Duke, senior producer of The Sims 4, the most recent incarnation. “They are what makes The Sims this magical place. They are the storytellers there.” Grant Rodiek, also a senior producer, adds that

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a Boeing 747 with an interior so large it took 4 years to design and build

A Boeing Business Jet 747-8i.
A Boeing Business Jet 747-8i.

Cabinet Alberto Pinto

  • Cabinet Alberto Pinto is the design firm behind the interior of one of the world’s largest private jets, a Boeing Business Jet 747-8i.

  • Owned by a Middle Eastern businessman, this jet is one of the few privately owned 747-8i aircraft, a plane primarily used by airlines, cargo carriers, and national governments.

  • Designing and implementing the interior of the ultra-luxurious jet took the firm four years and features understated luxury throughout. 

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The 747-8i Boeing Business Jet is the world’s largest private jet currently in active operation.

The dual-level jumbo jet takes private flying to the next level as a flying palace capable of traversing timezones in the absolute pinnacle of luxury air travel.

Based on Boeing’s commercial passenger aircraft, the Boeing Business Jet product line consists of VIP-configured variants of existing aircraft. Each Boeing aircraft

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