2021 Buick Envision’s bold design means small space gains, a few big losses

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So far, every preview we’ve had of the 2021 Buick Envision compels us to believe that it isn’t playing in the same league as the current Envision, nor is it playing the same sport. The chiseled, crisp exterior is matched by an interior that, in pictures at least, sends a genuine premium message. GM Authority got early intel on dimensions for the new crossover, the numbers showing that the only close relationship between the current and the new Envision is in size. According to GMA, the 2021 Buick will be 185.5 inches long on a wheelbase of 109.4 inches, it’ll stand 74.1 inches wide without mirrors, and 64.6 inches tall. Front and rear tracks are matched at 63.3 inches.

That makes the new version 1.8 inches longer than the current five-seater, with a wheelbase stretched 0.9 inches, while width is 1.7 inches

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37 tips from design experts to make your small space seem bigger

Love it or hate it, working from home is here to stay. For those of us with huge living and outdoor spaces, it’s relatively easy to carve out space and declare it your home office. For the rest of us, there’s a constant challenge to figure out how to make your kitchbathsofabedlivingroom seem more spacious.

We asked some top decorating experts for their tips on what to put where to make your home seem more spacious:

From Hope Gough, Laura Ashley Marketing Manager:

  • Color is your friend: When you want to make a small space feel larger, “there’s the magic of threes,” Gough explained since “designers gravitate to odd numbers and we feel the same way about color in a small room. To make a small space feel bigger use no more than three colors. Start with a classic blue and white and give it a punch with

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51 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space

While small apartments and homes offer plenty of charm, they tend to be lacking when it comes to kitchen space. Luckily, there are tons of small kitchen ideas that maximize storage and efficiency. It’s all about working with the layout of your space, whether your kitchen is confined to a single wall, U-shaped, or tucked in a corner. Ahead, we’ve gathered 51 small kitchen design tips to help maximize your space. Whether you’re renovating and starting from scratch or just looking to refresh your existing space, you’ll want to give these a try!

1. Add a prep area

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You may not have space to expand or add a full island, so think about bringing in a table that can do double duty as a spot for prep and dining. Even a narrow console can work as a spot to set tools and ingredients on while you

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See how 3 women turned their small businesses into nationwide companies

Throughout the year, the 3rd Hour of TODAY highlights incredible women who defeated all odds to achieve their dreams.

Some of them built businesses, while others brought about notable change to their communities. Though their stories are all different, each woman pushed past struggles, both big and small.


This morning, TODAY hosted three amazing women from across the United States. You’ll hear stories from Neighborly Paper founder Carmelle Kendall, SkinnyDipped founder Breezy Griffith and Parachute founder Ariel Kaye.

Learn more about their story and shop their products below!

Neighborly Paper

Carmelle Kendall and Robin Beck have known each other since the fifth grade. After living in Georgia for 18 years, they moved to Harlem in New York City and became neighbors.

Kendall, an illustrator, had a dream of creating a greeting card line and knew that her passions would help fuel her ambition. In 2016, she acted on the

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