Modsy Interior Design Review – The Pros, Cons, and Cost of Modsy

Chances are you’ve been stumped figuring out how to decorate one of your rooms or completely reimagine your entire home. If you’re not in a position to hire a professional to handle the job in person, an online interior design service, like Modsy, might be the way to go.

How Modsy works:

Modsy’s main selling point is that it offers realistic 3D renderings to help you envision a redesigned look filled with shoppable furniture and home accessories. In order to get started, you upload photos and measurements of your space. You’ll then complete Modsy’s Style Quiz to share details about your aesthetic, existing furniture, and budget. Based on your responses, Modsy’s designers will provide you with two 3D design concepts of your space.

Along with including suggested layouts, the 3D renderings will feature recommendations for furniture and accessories from top retailers. Once you’ve reviewed the designs, you can communicate

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Havenly Interior Design Site Review

It’s never easy deciding how to design a room in your home. There’s so much to consider, from settling on a budget to designating enough time in your already packed schedule to tackle the project from start to finish. While hiring an interior designer to handle the job in person is a luxury many are able to enjoy, others might find it more practical and cost-effective to rely on an online interior design service. One of the most popular (and budget-friendly) sites out there is Havenly. But before you sign up, here’s everything you need to know:

How Havenly works:

Havenly, which launched in 2013, is an online interior design service that was founded by Denver-based entrepreneur Lee Mayer. It’s known for adhering to a straightforward design process, which helps users feel less overwhelmed.

To get started, you simply choose the room you’d like to design (you’ll be invited

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