This high-tech Embraer private jet design seamlessly blends sustainability and technology. Take a look at Praeterra.

An Embraer Praetor 600 with the Praeterra design rendering.
An Embraer Praetor 600 with the Praeterra design rendering.


  • Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer’s Praeterra design concept for its Praetor 600 business jet merges high-tech with sustainability.  

  • The aircraft interior features computer circuit board-like designs complemented by fiber-optic ceiling lighting and sidewalls lined with informational screens. 

  • Cabin materials are also sourced sustainably and developed in a way that allows them to have a second life once they’re no longer required inside the aircraft. 

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Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has a new interior design concept for its Praetor 600 private jet, one that seamlessly blends two seemingly opposite themes.

Called the Praeterra, a portmanteau between Praetor and terra – Portuguese for Earth, the concept seeks to incorporate the idea of a digital future with sustainability. The high-tech design on the interior is complemented by environmentally friendly measures that include using materials that are sourced

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This Boeing 737 Max private jet interior design looks more like a futuristic spaceship than it does a private jet

The Genesis interior design concept for Boeing's 737 Max aircraft.
The Genesis interior design concept for Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft.

Courtesy of Boeing/SkyStyle & KiPcreating

  • Boeing unveiled a design concept for its 737 Max aircraft shortly before its grounding that upends traditional aircraft interior designs. 

  • The Genesis concept was designed by Argentinian firm SkyStyle and introduces a futuristic look to the aircraft’s interior, incorporating technology in the furnishings.

  • Five passenger compartments are included in the concept including a galley, dining area, living room, office space, and master bedroom, as well as a master bathroom. 

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Boeing’s line of private jets is reserved for a special kind of wealthy. Known as Boeing Business Jets, or BBJs for short, they’re the private jet equivalent of airliners.

With sticker prices for the cheapest just shy of $100 million, even the average millionaire likely couldn’t afford to have one in their stable.

Notable owners of the converted

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Boeing Business Jet 747-8i world’s largest private jet: photos, interior

  • Cabinet Alberto Pinto is the design firm behind the interior of one of the world’s largest private jets, a Boeing Business Jet 747-8i.
  • Owned by a Middle Eastern businessman, this jet is one of the few privately owned 747-8i aircraft, a plane primarily used by airlines, cargo carriers, and national governments.
  • Designing and implementing the interior of the ultra-luxurious jet took the firm four years and features understated luxury throughout. 
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The 747-8i Boeing Business Jet is the world’s largest private jet currently in active operation.

The dual-level jumbo jet takes private flying to the next level as a flying palace capable of traversing timezones in the absolute pinnacle of luxury air travel.

Based on Boeing’s commercial passenger aircraft, the Boeing Business Jet product line consists of VIP-configured variants of existing aircraft. Each Boeing aircraft currently in production has its own BBJ variant

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This Design Duo Will Turn Your Home Into Private Gallery Display for Your Ferrari

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Truly spectacular cars are meant to be seen as much as driven. But more often than not, even the most superlative automobiles find themselves stored in lackluster settings. Supercar Capsule is hoping to change that.

Founded by designers Andrea Sensoli and Alexandre Greep, the bespoke business builds car displays worthy of any collector’s priciest four-wheeled toys, with an aesthetic tailored to match the car’s home, fittings and all.

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The founding duo––the creatives behind Superfuturedesign and ASZarchitetti––has 20 years of collective experience with luxury architecture and interior design. Having worked with brands ranging from Chloe to Dior to Louis Vuitton, they have numerous luxury storefronts under their belt (over 400 and counting). The founders say they put that experience to work to design bespoke displays that can burnish even the most limited-edition vehicle.

The idea, more or less, is

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