IKEA and SPACE10 Launch Website to Rethink Interior Design

The key to great design often lies in the imagination process. After all, nearly every great product and innovation has come from asking a simple question like “what if?”. Now IKEA and its research and design lab SPACE10 are taking that idea further by creating a powerful virtual playground for experimentation.

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Called Everyday Experiments, the new site is dedicated to exploring fun innovations in the world of interior design. As a result of recent events like the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are finding themselves at home much more often than before, leaving many to contemplate different pieces and layouts for their spaces. Everyday Experiments allows you to further that exploration through various media formats.

“The future home should be about the people first. It’s a place for everyone to be safe, to feel comfortable and in control. Technology is quickly becoming a vital

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Want to sell your house? Here are the interior design trends you shouldn’t follow

The coronavirus pandemic has cast uncertainty over the real estate market, with a new study by OJO Labs finding that 54% of would-be-buyers cite the inability to see homes in person as a reason for their hesitation to purchase a property.

Despite this delay in their home-buying plans, some 30% of surveyed buyers reveal that they are looking at available listings more often than before their search was impacted by the pandemic.

While home-owners are turning to Instagram to find trendy design features that could increase the value of their property in the market, some “on-trend” home improvements are more likely to put potential buyers off.

A recent study, conducted by Rated People with 1,038 UK homeowners, notes that prospective buyers are less likely to buy a property with rooms painted in dark blue (52%) and dark grey (49%).

Although popular on Instagram with more than 2,180 posts with

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2021 Bentley Bentayga Debuts With New Exterior Look, Tweaked Interior

The W12 and plug-in hybrid models follow later this year.

Bentley introduced the Bentayga, the company’s first SUV, for the 2016 model year, and it quickly became the company’s best-selling model. However, that hasn’t enticed the British brand to build more high-riding vehicles. Instead, the company said it’d improve the Bentayga, and the first of those improvements are here with the 2021 model, the vehicle’s first significant refresh since it arrived.

Bentley says every panel at the front and rear is new, adopting the brand’s latest design language it introduced on the new Continental GT and Flying Spur. At the front, changes include a larger, more upright grille and an elliptical headlight design – a first for Bentley. There are bigger changes at the rear with elliptical taillights and a new, full-width tailgate. Bentley also moved the license plate into the bumper while redesigning the tailpipes to

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2020 Toyota RAV4 Interior Driveway Test

The latest Toyota RAV4 was designed and engineered to be more evocative of an SUV. Part of that can be seen inside, where there is less of an uber-practical parent-mobile vibe. The center console is higher and there are rugged-ish rubber surfaces on door pulls and knobs. Instead of fake wood or metal to create the fleeting impression of a luxury vehicle, Toyota instead utilizes different color trim, stitching or upholstery accents to add some visual differentiation. In the RAV4 Hybrid shown here, you can see blue bits and pieces. 

In short, I’m a big fan of the 2020 Toyota RAV4 interior. Aesthetically, it’s distinctive without trying too hard, and the quality is high for this segment. Functionally, it just works. You get in and everything is readily at hand, partly because of that higher center console. Readily within sight is the touchscreen that looks bigger than its 8-inches

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