Why You Should Be Shopping Vintage Home Goods on Instagram

My idea of heaven is a musty garage at an estate sale or an unassuming vintage store, rifling through stacks of vintage porcelain or blowing dust off of antique glassware. There’s a certain thrill to vintage shopping—especially the kind that necessitates a good amount of digging—that makes the finds all the more special. Of course, as the past few months have seen nationwide store closures due to coronavirus, many of those little shops have been boarded up, estate sales cancelled, and road trips that might involve a spur-of-the-moment detour to a yard sale put off in favor of at-home activities. It’s also led to increased time spent on the internet. Combined, these two things have greatly expanded my appreciation for a certain practice: Shopping vintage on Instagram.

I’ve long been an avid browser of Instagram accounts that sell vintage through the social media platform, but my enthusiasm has taken on

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102 Black Instagram Accounts to Follow for Home Design, Crafts, Gardening, and More

It’s no secret that design and lifestyle magazines—Country Living included—need to do a better job of showcasing the wonderfully diverse makeup of our country, and the crafters, designers, quilters, and makers within our communities. And because we know many Country Living readers are looking to support Black-owned companies and Black voices—and, as always, are particularly interested in the people and the stories and the cultural influences behind the products—we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite Black makers, crafters, designers, gardeners, musicians, and other country creatives you can follow on Instagram right now (some of whom you may even recognize from the magazine, like Michiel Perry, above on her South Carolina porch). From a mother-daughter duo hand-sewing linen heirloom-worthy keepsake dolls to a female entrepreneur making Tennessee whiskey, you’ll find endless inspiration for country living that more fully represents the country.


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How an Olive Oil Cake Became an Instagram Sensation

Banana bread and sourdough are having a great year. By now, you can count the number of friends who haven’t baked a loaf while in isolation on one hand. It makes sense: both are inexpensive and require ingredients you already have. So it’s only fitting that the next viral baked good uses another kitchen staple: olive oil.

You’ve likely seen one particular olive oil cake on the Kardashian-Jenner sister’s Instagrams in recent weeks. You know the one: a perfectly round, amber loaf that is liberally covered with a powdered-sugar dusting. Or, as the pioneers of the Instagram sensation Liz Roth and Jaymie Wisneski, call it: a “bomb ass olive oil cake.”

“In the beginning of quarantine, I was baking a lot for my friends and decided to send a cake to one of our chef friends, and she loved it so much,” says Roth, the LA-based

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Angie’s List Analyzes Instagram Posts to Determine the Most Popular Decor Style in Every State

Interior designs that used to be influenced by and shared via Better Homes and Gardens are now exploding on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. In fact, the Instagram hashtag #interiordesign has garnered over 87 million posts to date. Riding high on this wave of popularity, home improvement service finder Angie’s List has decided to identify decorating trends all across the United States to establish which styles are most prevalent in each region.

A stylish, simple midcentury modern bedroom from Angie's List.
A stylish, simple midcentury modern bedroom from Angie’s List.

To effectively analyze the information, the research team commissioned by Angie’s List focused on the 10 most common design tags, which they identified as:











The team then cleaned up the data by deleting outliers and organizing it all by state, ultimately creating two maps: one that shows the most popular design style tag in each state, and

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