The Sitcoms That Changed the Way We Decorate Our Homes

There are few things as soothing during a pandemic (or anytime) as sitcoms. These slices of someone else’s (usually much funnier) daily life are the perfect escape—where all problems can be neatly resolved within 22 minutes. Part of the sitcom comfort factor involves sitting in your home watching your favorite characters in their homes: It somehow feels intimate. And whether or not we realize it, our personal interior design styles are likely influenced by at least one of our favorite shows.

If you’ve admired the decor of a sitcom set at some point over the past 35 years, then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with John Shaffner’s work. The Emmy Award–winning production designer and art director is responsible for some of the most iconic sitcom sets of all time, including Monica’s apartment on Friends, the Golden Girls’ living room, and Charlie Sheen’s (and later Ashton Kutcher’s)

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‘Queer Eye’ star Bobby Berk is helping fans redecorate their Animal Crossing homes

Amid quarantine, “Queer Eye” interior designer Bobby Berk is continuing to help people redesign and style their homes. Nowadays, though, he isn’t styling actual houses — instead, he’s working with the ones on Animal Crossing.

On April 28, the official “Queer Eye” Twitter account announced that Berk would be offering his “special hiptips” in the game.

“Do you need help making your #AnimalCrossing house a little more shamazing? Well, @bobbyberk is SOO EXCITED to share his interior design expertise with you!” the tweet said.

“Queer Eye” fans wasted no time submitting entries, and Berk wasted no time responding to them.

For the most part, the interior design expert only had wonderful things to say about people’s in-game creations.

“Love it!!” Berk said about one user’s “black-n-yellow’ kitchen.

“You’re doing great love! So warm and cozy!” he told another fan when she shared that she has “constant home design anxiety.”

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How to maximise your home’s natural light

It seems that when asked how they feel about natural light in the home, interior designers grow verklempt with passion for the subject which seeps out into a lyrical poeticism worth scribbling down. The benefits of natural light reach beyond its positive physical and psychological effects and into the aesthetic value we place on the areas of our homes that receive it.

This week, I speak to six interior designers about website design jacksonville FL the privilege of natural light, the lengths their clients have gone to channel it into their homes and how to enhance the amount of it in your home without punching a hole in the ceiling. I hope you’ll be able to abstract from their comments even the slightest hint of the fervour with which they discuss the ephemeral nature, the power and the beauty of natural light.

Charu Ghandi, the founder and director of Elicyon

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