2020 Ford Escape Interior Driveway Test

Ford’s compact crossover entry has been cleaved in two. While the last Ford Escape was a crossover SUV with sporty handling inherited from the Focus compact car it was mechanically based upon, the new one leans much harder into its car lineage and is pretty much an enlarged next-generation Focus (you know, the one they don’t sell here). It’s lower, lighter and more carlike in appearance, as well as in the way it drives. If you want your crossover to be more like an SUV, well, the new Bronco Sport leans hard in that direction. 

Inside, you can tell the two share a common architecture by looking at the center stack and console: they’re identical from the climate controls to the armrest bin. Everything else is softer and more organic in appearance in the Escape, echoing the exterior and general car-like ethos. 

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5 Design Secrets of the 2021 Ford Bronco

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Proof that the original Ford Bronco is truly beloved is evidenced by the array of restoration houses that specialize in the model and the restomods they produce. But we still hoped and waited for Ford to bring it back. Then, we waited some more. Now that Ford has finally revealed its 2021 Bronco lineup, the model’s designers open up about the process and how they reinvented an icon.

Form Follows Function

“When we set out to develop the new car, we knew it had to look like a Bronco and it had to work like a Bronco,” says Paul Wraith, chief designer for Bronco and Bronco Sport. “There is no decorative chrome or extraneous styling, it’s all functional. It’s about maximizing interior volume so users can carry gear and put more on top.”

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He notes that two full-size

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Ford CEO Jim Hackett has finally come into his own as the carmaker launches its much-anticipated Bronco SUV

Ford CEO Jim Hackett speaks at the Detroit Economic Club at Ford Field on April 9, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan.
Ford CEO Jim Hackett speaks at the Detroit Economic Club at Ford Field on April 9, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan.

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  • Ford CEO Jim Hackett has faced steady criticism since he took over at the automaker in 2017.

  • Hackett is a staunch proponent of “design thinking,” and the first Ford vehicles shaped by that process are starting to come to market.

  • The best example is the all-new Bronco SUV, which debuted last week after years of anticipation — and racked up so many reservations that it briefly crashed the pre-order website.

  • Ford has challenges ahead, as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and a near total shutdown of its manufacturing operations.

  • But Hackett’s vision for the company is finally showing results and shaping the future of the 117-year-old automaker.

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When nobody was looking, Ford CEO Jim Hackett quietly got

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A Chinese Carmaker Has Already Ripped Off The Ford Bronco’s Design

Well, that looks suspiciously similar.

Chinese automakers are infamous for cribbing the designs of other makes and models. Even as the Chinese auto industry matures, there are still new models coming out that look awfully similar to those of other automakers. The latest comes from Wey, a brand established by Great Wall Motors in 2017, and it seems like it used the new Ford Bronco as the starting and finishing points.  

Codenamed the Wey P01, the rugged-looking SUV only has a handful of teasers available for us to look at, though they do show off quite a bit. Both the Bronco and P01 feature upright front ends with Wey going as far as to flip the Bronco’s headlight design treatment as if no one would notice. They even wrap around it the front to the front fender to give it a bit of personality. However, it does feature a

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