8 Creative Kitchen Decor Ideas (That Involve Zero Renovating)

They often say the kitchen is the heart of the home: You use it for lounging, socializing, cooking and everything in between. However, if you can’t stand the way it looks, you’re probably prone to avoiding it altogether—and what a waste of square footage that can be.

This versatile space can encompass so much, incorporating a number of different styles depending on what you’re looking for. No matter whether you want a family-friendly space to gather or simply an area in the home where you can get your sous vide on in peace, there’s always a way to create a kitchen that’s stylish and functional. Even if you’re limited on space. And even if you can’t undertake a massive reno. To help you out, we asked interior designers for their top kitchen decor ideas, along with no-effort purchases to make those concepts a reality.

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Angie’s List Analyzes Instagram Posts to Determine the Most Popular Decor Style in Every State

Interior designs that used to be influenced by and shared via Better Homes and Gardens are now exploding on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. In fact, the Instagram hashtag #interiordesign has garnered over 87 million posts to date. Riding high on this wave of popularity, home improvement service finder Angie’s List has decided to identify decorating trends all across the United States to establish which styles are most prevalent in each region.

A stylish, simple midcentury modern bedroom from Angie's List.
A stylish, simple midcentury modern bedroom from Angie’s List.

To effectively analyze the information, the research team commissioned by Angie’s List focused on the 10 most common design tags, which they identified as:











The team then cleaned up the data by deleting outliers and organizing it all by state, ultimately creating two maps: one that shows the most popular design style tag in each state, and

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10 Swedish home decor hacks that will help cool the chaos of your space

With the arrival of spring comes the cleaning and reorganization of our homes. It’s the time of year when we look at our rooms and think, “Something’s gotta give.” There’s just too much stuff to look at, and too many colors drawing our eyes all over the place. If you’re feeling trapped by your clutter and jumbled home decor (or lack thereof), it’s time to turn to these Swedish home decor hacks.

Nordic interior design has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Us Americans are going gaga for the clean lines, muted colors, and mix of old and new the Swedes and their Northern European neighbors are employing in their spaces. Their interior designs look the way taking a deep breath feels—they embody calm and serenity.


A lot of Swedish design inspiration comes from lagom, a lifestyle trend all about having “just enough” in a world

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Home Edition’ Designer Critiques Late-Night Hosts’ Decor

The “stay-at-home” orders enacted across the U.S. in recent weeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus have taken away Americans’ abilities to do many things. But one new pastime they’ve given us is analyzing the home decor of late-night hosts now broadcasting their shows from their respective homes.

TheWrap had HGTV “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” designer Breegan Jane critique the broadcasted homes of Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien. She was impressed by a few — and not so much by others. Jane preferred the spaces that have clearly been “dressed” for TV.

“It’s OK to set the stage a little bit,” she said. “I like the ‘A’ for effort.”

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Stephen Colbert
Office: “There’s this beautiful warm wood credenza that’s

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