Hyundai design boss SangYup Lee revisits 45 EV concept car

Hyundai Motor Group’s head of Design Center and Senior Vice President SangYup Lee is on a mission to review the company’s concept cars and see what works, and the latest to get his design treatment is the 45 EV.

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, the electric concept was intended to update Hyundai’s past design successes into the future, with the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe as its main source of inspiration. Thus, the moniker ’45,’ which primarily refers to the Pony Coupe’s year of release.

As a dedicated concept EV, the 45 is characterized by hard lines, sharp angles, and a diamond-shaped silhouette—all embodying Hyundai’s new design identity, Sensuous Sportiness, the carmaker stated.

In a walkaround video, Hyundai shows its design boss providing expert insights into the concept, detailing that aside from the Pony Coupe reference, ‘45’ also signifies the car’s 45-degree exterior design

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Fincantieri’s New 230-Foot Megayacht Concept Has an Interior That Will Make Any 5-Star Hotel Jealous

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Fincantieri Yachts is known for designing masterful custom megayachts that challenge the status quo, but the builder is having a real mic-drop moment with its latest vessel. The next-gen concept, known as Blanche, spans 230 feet and features a spacious interior that may just remind you of your favorite five-star hotel.

The first thing you’ll notice about Blanche is that she’s devoid of unnecessary clutter. The Italian yard purposely eschewed visual obstructions in favor of space and simplicity. This frees your eyes up to focus on the ship’s graceful lines.

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The concept was developed in partnership with Gabriele Teruzzi. The young Italian designer founded his eponymous studio in 2016 and already has a handful of prestigious projects to his name. Pairing this fresh blood with such a storied shipbuilder—Fincantieri has more than two centuries worth of experience—has led to

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The coolest concept cars of all time

Cars are shaped by regulations, market trends, executive demands, and the segment they’re designed to compete in. Concept cars allow designers to throw these considerations out the window and build what they would truly like to see on the road. They’re often wild, head-turning creations that give us a glimpse into a stylist’s mind.

Automakers have recently become lazy in that regard, and these days concept cars are often little more than an upcoming production model decked out with cameras in lieu of door mirrors, big wheels, and shaved door handles. It’s unfortunate, but thankfully some brands still know which strings to pull to mesmerize us as we walk the floors of the world’s largest auto shows. Read on to learn more about some of the coolest concept cars of all time.

Volvo Venus Bilo (1933)

The 1938 Buick Y-Job is often credited as being the automotive industry’s first-ever concept

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The superyacht concept ‘Hide’ uses reflective glass on the hull to blend into any environment

HIDE Yacht.
HIDE Yacht.

Anna Borla Design

  • Anna Borla designed the Hide concept yacht to blend in with the environment while out at sea.

  • The owner’s cabin is 775 square feet and has two balconies and a large lounging area.

  • The yacht was designed with an emphasis in sustainability and privacy.

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Anna Borla designed the “Hide” concept yacht that can blend in with the environment while out at sea.

The “Hide” yacht achieves its namesake with its dark exterior colors and large, reflective windows, showcasing the environment around it while simultaneously allowing it to “hide” in its surroundings. The yacht — which can service up to eight guests — was also designed to look minimalistic and “clean” with “simple lines,” according to a statement by Anna Borla.

In total, the yacht is 49.9 meters, almost 164 feet, long and has a beam — or

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