Since solar has been implemented in New Orleans, homeowners have been clamoring to be part of the financial and resiliency benefits of the program. The campaign to choose solar as a means of building a stronger and sustainable green infrastructure in New Orleans has been successful indeed.

More and more homeowners and businesses are choosing the smart and efficient solar alternatives in New Orleans LA. They benefit from the monthly energy savings and electric bills while they contribute to creating a cleaner and better environment.

On top of that, if you include a solar energy management system (EMS) in your solar energy system, you will be able to perfect the use of available solar energy. Let’s see how a Smart EMS works:

What is a Smart Energy Management System?

An Energy Management System is an automation system that collects your energy measurement data from your solar energy system and then makes the data available to you through graphics, online monitoring tools, and energy quality analyzers. It is a technical and logistical facility that intelligently controls the energy flow of your structure.

The main purpose of an energy management system is to be able to allow your solar system to perform at its peak with minimum energy consumption. It is used in many sectors of the economy, likewise in households.

It will enable you to see the proper management of your energy resource from your chosen solar panel system from solar alternatives in New Orleans LA. Hence, your consumption of energy from your system can be optimized.

Benefits of an Energy Management System

You can get great results and get more out of your PV system by upgrading your solar alternative in New Orleans LA with an Energy Management System. Here are great benefits of an EMS upgrade:

  • Increases self-consumption
  • Increases the profitability of your solar panel system
  • Simple and ready to connect
  • No elaborate programming is necessary
  • Energy flows are effectively present
  • Compatible with common PV (photovoltaic) inverters
  • Can be gradually expandable
  • Efficient use of environmentally friendly and cost-effective solar energy
  • Energy flow in your home or building is improved
  • Shows the overview of the energy consumption of household appliances and large consumers
  • Reduces electricity costs
  • Increases independence from energy suppliers
  • Give you increased comfort and improved energy balance
  • Provides security of your energy supply

How an EMS Upgrades Your System and Your Home

When you get an EMS package, you will enjoy many advantages that it offers. Apart from the upgrade that your PV (photovoltaic) solar system gets, you will benefit from the ways it upgrades your home such as:

  • Monitoring your PV solar panel system and alerting you of failures if it happens
  • It allows you to monitor stored energy to power self-sufficiency
  • Controls heating and blocks heating elements making you save on heating costs
  • Allows you to manage and monitor your solar power system from any location in the world
  • Automatically turns on devices if there is sufficient energy production from your system

With an EMS installed with your solar panel system at your home, you can measure all the data, switch devices on and off when necessary, wherever you are in and out of your home, and control your energy demands. You will be able to determine which of your household appliances have a major influence on electricity consumption. Thus, you can make the necessary adjustments.

Optional Upgrade for Optimizing Your Solar Panel System’s Self-Consumption

EMS allows load management or peak shaving which is one of the most efficient ways to manage your consumption of energy. Peak shaving lets you use your solar power only at times when it is sufficiently available. This way, you can smooth out unnecessary high consumption of energy during peak hours of the day and therefore, save energy costs.

More Upgrades for Your EMS

You can extend your EMS step by step depending on your needs and your planned future developments for your home.  All the additional possible upgrades like radio-controlled sockets, heat pump, power storage, e-car charging station, heating element, and a second energy source can be integrated into your existing EMS for your solar alternative in New Orleans LA.

Make this smart solution work for you and your home. It is worth an investment that will give you great results from getting more out of your solar energy system.