May 31, 2023


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Risks and Downsides of Smart Meters.

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Here's why people aren't installing smart meters | London Evening Standard  | Evening Standard

Although smart meters are intended to be the cutting edge of technology in regard to home thermostats and practicality in measuring your energy bills, as time goes on, they have become increasingly known for their risks and downsides. According to property specialists at We Buy Any House, smart meters are a risk for exposure to wireless radiation, which occurs in short bursts in our homes. Classified by the World Health Organisation as EMF radiation and a class 2B carcinogen, the side effects of being exposed to this type of radiation include headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders and in extreme cases, psychiatric issues. Here are important things you need to know about having a smart meter in your home.

Smart Meters are Free to Install:

It’s great news to find out that smart meters are actually free to install! As they are a gadget that instantly sends an automated reading to your electricity and gas supplier, you won’t need to pay anything for them to come and install it! Alongside the reading being sent to your suppliers, you will also receive a small device, roughly the size of a smartphone- which will display real time information about your energy usage, so you can keep on top of it.

They May Not Make You Spend Less:

Although most people place smart meters on a pedestal due to the fact, they allegedly lower the cost of your energy bills- this isn’t necessarily true. You may be on a journey to use your electricity more wisely and, the device itself can guzzle a lot of energy. It’s important to work out what is costing you the most money- rather than expecting your smart meter to make all the decisions by itself.

You Don’t Need Your Own Home to Have a Smart Meter:

Just because you don’t own your own home doesn’t mean you can’t have a smart meter in your home. For those who rent properties, you are eligible to have a smart meter installed in your home. However, its vital that you speak to your landlord before you opt to get one installed and ask for their permission, as you may be breaching your contract.

You Can Request a Smart Meter if You Haven’t Been Offered One Yet:

Just because you haven’t been offered a smart meter to be installed by your energy supplier- doesn’t mean you can’t have one and request it yourself. Every property in Britain is eligible to have a smart meter installed, however suppliers tend to install them area by area- so your wait may be drastic. However, you don’t have to wait for one if you don’t want, and you can request one to be installed immediately. Additionally, even if you switch energy supplier- you can still use the smart meter.
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