June 8, 2023


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Radiant Insulation: From Your Trusted Insulation Contractor

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Have you finally decided on getting a spray foam insulation for your home? Find a trusted insulation contractor near you! There is no better time for you to install this than at the same time as you install your heat system. There is no better way to bring warmth to your house floor than spray foam flooring.

Your spray foam floor heat would go to waste and you will not be able to maximize it if you don’t have a good spray floor. Heating systems will still work without an insulator but a lot of homeowners would like to have one for improved services. Homeowners have proven that this would help them save more energy and it can save you from too much electric bills.

A spray foam system works as heat moves from a warm area to an area with colder air. The heat from the radiant heat system will move through the sub-flooring. This makes sure that the energy in your house will not go to waste. With proper insulation, the temperature will not be distributed throughout the house.

First things first, you have to know how much insulation you will need for the whole house or an entire room. Most would choose the thickest insulator, but it will be best to ask experts first. If you will add insulation to a building, you can know how thick it has to be after finding out how high the floor is.

Why Would You Need Spray Foam Insulation?

One thing is for sure, spray foam insulation is not just another accessory to add to your house. It can do wonders for your home. It will start with making the heating better and it will give the right heat your house needs. Maintaining the right level of heat might seem like more investment, which is true. But the benefits you get from spray foam insulation will always be worth it.

After working on the insulation, you are sure to notice changes in your house’s temperature. You will start saving more money and energy, which adds more warmth and comfort to your home. Whatever season you are in, you will see that the weather is much more agreeable with the insulation.

The best change you will see because of your insulation is that you will start paying less for your electric bills. If you are used to paying more during winter for heating and during summer air conditioning, then you can relax now. This shows how much return of investment choosing to have spray foam insulation really is. Good spray foam insulation would help prevent heat loss, so you can still feel the heat stay inside the house no matter the drop in temperature.

You can also expect better reduction in noise with spray foam insulation. Not all neighbors are the same and a lot of noise can not be avoided. What can you do instead? You can rely on your spray foam insulation to reduce whatever noise comes from outside. Spray foam insulation is the best when it comes to reducing noise compared to other types of insulation.

The Best Insulation Materials For Spray Foam Insulation

There’s a lot of insulator material out there. One of the most efficient and effective materials for insulation is polyurethane. It is a very proven material that has good thermal capacity that is perfect for homes. It has very durable material that can handle even the toughest wear and tear. It can outlast no matter pressure from walking and other foot activity every day. The material used for spray foam insulation is also resistant to many damages like dust, moisture, rotting and other elements. You can expect it to be waterproof and lightweight. It can also fit any room because it is easy to shape using a specific cutting tool.

Two Types Of Foam Spray Insulation

Another good feature of spray foam is that it is very sturdy. This adds to the structure of the house. The fact that the foam fills the cracks, makes it very suitable for attics. It will protect your house even when the roof is ripped off from a storm. There are two types of spray foam insulation that you can choose from.

Open cell insulation

Open cell insulation is a spray foam insulation that is cheaper. Even though it is cheaper, it has good soundproofing qualities so it is better at blocking noises. Open cell insulation also means that it is spongier because of the air that gets inside the cells.

Closed cell insulation

A closed cell insulation means that the spray foam is denser. It works much better for keeping the air or water from seeping through walls, ceilings, and floors. In terms of the foam, it is more solid and rigid than the open cell insulation.