June 10, 2023


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Possible Causes of Plumbing Leaks and Solutions  

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Do you know a single leaking faucet can waste about 700 gallons in a year and a faucet dripping at the rate of once per second losses about 5 gallons every day? Yes, if you’ve multiple leaking toilets, pipes, and faucets, water waste can add up, and this doesn’t even address the undetected leaks in your house that might be leaking gallons a day. 

In addition, a single leaking shower head or leaky faucet can cost a homeowner an average of $20 per month in water bills, and multiple leaks can cost you more than $100 a month. There’re many reasons you could have leaking pipes, and that’s why it’s important to understand the causes of leaking pipes so that you can make informed decisions. In this blog, we’ve shared some of the most common plumbing Sydney leaks and what you can do to fix them. 

Common Causes of Leaking Pipes 

Old Pipes

One of the significant reasons and tricky ones is to identify the issue and necessarily prevent them. If you have an old house or how old the residency is, your pipes might be deteriorating, and it’s time for plumbing replacement. This can be caused by wear and tear of consistent usage over time. If you’re unsure whether your plumbing system has to be replaced or not, call the plumbing company Sydney and schedule an inspection. 

High Water Pressure 

High water pressure is crucial in a household. But, your pipes can’t too much pressure. Residential pipes can handle a maximum of 60 psi of water pressure. So, the psi in a household plumbing system should be 40 – 45 range and not more than that. High water pressure might be great for your shower, but not when it causes the pipe to leak and burst over time. Unregulated water pressure can create a lot of plumbing problems. It’s important to keep the water pressure within limit. Keep a water pressure gauge handy and check water pressure levels regularly. If you’re doubtful and feel the water pressure in your house is high, please have a plumber inspect the plumbing system to find out what’s causing it and address it immediately. 

Blocked Drains 

You might be wondering how a blocked drain can cause a leak. To your surprise, as clogs occur in drain pipes, water can back up behind the blockage and cause the pipe to burst and even slow leaks through the joints and seals. Unlike plumbing pipes, drainage pipes aren’t designed to hold the water as they’re designed for water to flow through. So, when a clog occurs, it alters the size of the pipe, and when the pressure builds up, it causes the pipe to leak and burst in the worst cases. 

Areas where a clogged drain can cause leaks to include drain pipes connected to the bathroom plumbing system. Remember, an undetected leaking pipe caused by a blocked drain can cause more damage to the pipe, leading to expensive plumbing repairs and replacements. Call a plumber and unclog the pipes as early as possible. 

Leaking Plumbing Fixtures 

Leaking faucets, showerheads, running toilets, and pipes can waste more than 20,000 gallons of water every year. Whether it’s leaking faucet or showerhead, it’s easy to fix them. All you have to do is replace them with a new affordable plumbing Sydney fixture. 

Intrusion of roots 

Tree roots growing through the yard can create pressure on the pipes, resulting in pipe cracking and leaking and bursting if leftover time. While not all pipes under the ground are a threat, if you notice a puddle of water on your lawn, you could have broken and leaking pipes in your house. It can lead to severe damages and expensive plumbing repairs if not addressed. If you suspect you’ve leaking or broken pipes in the yard, please call a plumber to inspect and replace the pipes right away. 

How Do I Know If A Pipe Is Leaking In My House? 

There are some signs that every homeowner must be aware of it to identify the leaks and fix right away to avoid major plumbing repairs and replacements. Here are the signs of leaking pipes:- 

  • High water bills 
  • Reduced water pressure 
  • Mould and mildew 
  • Water stains on ceilings 
  • Damaged flooring 
  • Rusty pipes 
  • Sounds of dripping or running water 
  • Floor stains 

If you notice any of these signs, you’re facing a leaking pipe that needs professional intervention. So, call your plumber. 

What To Do If You Suspect You Have A Water Leak? 

If you suspect you have a water leak, leak detection is required to fix the problem immediately. Call your plumber and have them inspect your plumbing system. A plumber can tell you whether you’ll have to replace or repair the fixture or pipe. 

Wrapping Up 

You must take a few minutes to tighten the screw or replace the showerhead’s internal components is all you need to do in most plumbing leaks. However, if you’re dealing with major leaks caused by blocked drains, have the plumber inspect the leaks and take proper action to fix the problem. 

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