‘Queer Eye’ expert Bobby Berk is designing ‘Animal Crossing’ houses

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Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch has become a de facto replacement for social interaction and being outside in the time of social isolation. Much of the fun of Animal Crossing is the freedom it gives its players to be creative in designing their homes and islands, a freedom only limited by the bells in their wallets, the DIYs on their Nookphone…and perhaps a general lack of design sense. 

Enter Queer Eye star Bobby Berk, whose home transformations are nothing short of miraculous on the Netflix show (and are often the best part of every episode). Queer Eye‘s official Twitter account put out a call for Animal Crossing players struggling with designing their island houses to reply

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How to visit Amsterdam without leaving home

Amsterdam is usually one of the easiest and most pleasurable city break destinations imaginable. The Dutch capital is just a stone’s throw from the UK, accessible by plane (1hr 5m), train (3h 41m), or boat (9h 40m on an overnight sleeper ferry and metro via the hook of Holland).

While currently cut off from the city’s charms – from its famed canals and gabled houses to its smorgasbord of museums and galleries – those craving a slice of the Netherlands can still get their kicks, albeit remotely.

Here’s the ultimate armchair travellers’ guide to Amsterdam.

What to do

Anne Frank House

The famous Secret Annex where Anne Frank hid and wrote her diary during the Nazi occupation usually attracts 1.3 million visitors a year.

Even though it’s closed its doors temporarily, the museum is giving people all over the world the chance to get an idea of what life must

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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk Is Giving Design Advice On Animal Crossing

Can’t seem to get your Animal Crossing home perfectly decorated? Bobby Berk is here to help

One of the greatest things about Animal Crossing is how completely customizable the game is. You can make your island, your museum, and your home exactly how you want them to be, as long as you collect enough materials and DIY recipes to make the furniture and decor you need. But with all that freedom comes a lot of design pressure, and those without a natural eye for DIY are turning to the experts for help. Most notably, Queer Eye‘s resident design expert, Bobby Berk, has been on Twitter the last few days critiquing people’s Animal Crossing homes and helping them add the perfect touches to create their cozy island paradises.

The official Queer Eye Twitter account shared the opportunity with followers to post some screenshots of their islands so

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Billionaires’ Homes On Coronavirus Video Chats

Two weeks ago Claude Taylor and Jessie Bahrey launched a Twitter account called Room Rater (@RateMySkypeRoom). In it, the boyfriend-girlfriend team comment on and score the background decor of broadcasters, pundits, and celebrities forced to do interviews from home during coronavirus physical-isolation orders.

In brief, pointed tweets, they weigh-in on art selection, bookshelves (content and arrangement), lamp placement, color palettes… you name it. Although neither has a background in interior design, their comments address some newly universal aesthetic questions: Will having a bookcase in the background make me look smarter? Is my wallpaper dorky? Am I force for good in the world during uncertain times?

Room Rater quickly accrued 100,000 followers and Taylor has appeared on Inside Edition and been interviewed by numerous websites. Subjects of their tweets have begun to tweet back, begging for higher scores.

Peter Baker of the New York Times added artwork to his

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