May 31, 2023


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New Courtney St. John Studio Interior Design Business Opens in Vail, Colorado, Bringing Decades of Expertise to Colorado Mountain Home Design

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With a background encompassing construction management and fine arts, Courtney St. John recently launched her Courtney St. John Studio in Vail, bringing a storyteller’s eye to client interiors.

St. John revels in the opportunities her new solo business provides for following where her creative spirit leads.

Launching a business during a pandemic wasn’t intentional, but high-country interior designer Courtney St. John prides herself on resilience. “I’m a planner by nature,” St. John says, “but at the same time this business has taught me to be able to not just roll with, but to take advantage of, the unexpected.” Over the past months that has included putting her signature approach of “conscious consideration” to work on ongoing client projects as well as creating a website and Instagram (@courtneystjohnstudio) for her Vail, Colorado-based Courtney St. John Studio. And no sooner was St. John’s new website live than a bathroom she designed “made a splash,” as Mountain Living put it, selected as one of five “stunning jewel-box retreats” in the magazine’s September/October 2020 issue.

Known for a clean, tailored style, an artist’s deft use of texture, color and pattern, and a passion for curating the meaningful elements that speak to her clients, bringing rich character and comfort to timeless spaces, St. John has designed homes throughout the Mountain West as well as in Arizona, California and Texas in her previous business partnership. “I had an amazing six years with Casey St. John Interiors, and now, with the launch of my solo Courtney St. John Studio, I’m excited to give myself the freedom to explore broader business avenues while embracing a wider creative aspect of my craft,” she says.

St. John’s design path began with a visit to a New Zealand sheep ranch on a college study abroad program. “I was instantly fascinated with the process of creating these fabulous natural textiles from fleece to fiber. I returned to the ranch after our college program ended and talked myself into a home stay,” she says. That experience evolved into a fine arts concentration that continues to inform her work on a deep level, including a focus on the integrity of materials. “I care about how things are constructed,” she says, “as well as carefully considering materials for their best uses.” And the curiosity that motivated that New Zealand trip also continues, with St. John embracing travel and learning – including a trip to Nepal in 2019 to study rug-making.

After college, St. John turned her hands-on fascination with how things work to a construction management position, gaining experience that has allowed her to provide another level of service both for clients and in successful collaborations with architects and builders. “I am very methodical in the way I approach things, covering all the details so everyone on the team can have what they need to be successful. It’s important to capture everything in the design and construction documentation; that’s a source of truth,” she says.

St. John revels in the opportunities her new solo business provides for following where her creative spirit leads. But always, she stresses, the business comes back to the client, as she brings her special brand of high-country happiness to interiors throughout the Mountain West and beyond. “I have had the luxury to work on a lot of dream projects with clients and teams of people throughout my career, as well as the smaller projects, remodels and refreshes for clients that can be just as rewarding,” she says. “The relationships formed with these people are paramount to the design process and ultimately the most satisfying and valued aspects of my business.”

About Courtney St. John Studio:

With a background that encompasses construction management and fine arts, Courtney St. John brings a storyteller’s eye to client interiors, curating significant elements from antique to bespoke that bring a home to life. Her interiors are at once refined and exuberant, incorporating a love for color and pattern as well as neutrals and texture in a thoughtful, intentional approach that honors the integrity of materials and draws on her love of nature and the outdoors. Always, St. John builds on authentic relationships to create classic, comfortable and inspired interiors that stand the test of time. For additional information visit

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