May 31, 2023


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Miley Cyrus does something very unusual with sex toys and people are confused

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Photo credit: David M. Benett - Getty Images
Photo credit: David M. Benett – Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Miley Cyrus really is living her life at the moment. From trolling her own wedding on TikTok to celebrating the 10th anniversary of her infamous bong video by reposting it on Instagram, she is absolutely just doing whatever she feels like and we’re just happy to come along for the ride. In the latest instalment Miley spoke about her very inventive use for sex toys, saying that not only does she buy them for herself but also for “interior design.”

Speaking to Sirius XM’s Barstool Radio Miley spoke about her NSFW home accessories, explaining, “I like sex toys. I buy them for myself but I end up using them for interior design. Sex and interior design go actually hand in hand,” she added.

While Miley didn’t fully explain how she decorates her house with her sex toys this time around, she actually spoke about this during an interview back in August on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where she explained that she just really likes the aesthetic.

“I’ll buy a dildo, and [for] more than its operation — I don’t really wanna get in there with it because I love the way it looks on my table. I like vibrators, but I mostly like the aesthetic,” she added.

Something to think about for the Christmas tree this year, eh?

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