MASSAPEQUA, NY — Business at Moon Child Remedies has been booming, owner Dawn Cartolano tells Patch. The crystal shop opened a year ago at 954 N. Broadway in Massapequa and Cartolano says the pandemic has driven an increase of customers, ranging from young to old, to seek what they believe are the emotionally-healing properties of crystals.

Cartolano worked as an interior designer, and always felt drawn to crystals, incorporating them into her design work and carrying them around everywhere she went. She remembers first stumbling upon a crystal shop in Greenwich Village while a college student and falling in love immediately.

The Massapequa resident felt there was no source close by for crystal enthusiasts and has seen an enthusiastic response from customers since opening.

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit “It’s been night and day,” she said. “I think we will see more crystal shops open on Long Island. It’s not just the pandemic,” but also political divisiveness and economic hardships that are driving the increased interest in “alternative healing,” Cartolano said.

“People are searching for hope.”

Her customers buy the crystals as jewelry, or items to place around their homes. While some just like the decoration, most believe crystals have spiritual power.

Cartolano created a reading nook called the “Zen Den” in her shop and she says she encourages visitors, especially the many younger people drawn to her shop, to sit and “decompress.”

“I take the time to listen to everyone, because everyone wants to be heard,” she said, noting that the most popular crystals she has been selling this year are those, like howlite, thought to combat anxiety.

This article originally appeared on the Lindenhurst Patch