It is very clear that Alex Traynor loves his 103-year-old Grandma. It is equally apparent that not even his love for her could stop him from putting her Grandma house—an extremely Grandma house, complete with many eccentricities and some creepy or questionable knick-knacks—on blast. The result is a damn delight.

For the curious, it does not appear that Mr. Traynor routinely reviews interior design choices; his YouTube channel consists mostly of comedy stuff from a few years back, plus a book “review” and the blow video about the Smartfood x Cap’n Crunch. These are both “reviews” in the way that the Grandma video is a review, which is to say it isn’t, but it’s still real entertaining!

But back to Doris Brown, who is 103! She’s got some problematic plates on the wall, but as Traynor says, “she’s 103, so shut the fuck up.” She also uses a drawer in her fridge just for candy and fruit snacks, which is weird but kind of amazing. And she’s got these clowns!

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Screenshot: YouTube

That’s about it, really. Although we will issue this warning: There’s a decent chance this will make you pretty nostalgic about visiting your grandparents, which could be a problem if a) you’re not visiting because there’s a pandemic, please don’t visit your grandparents unless you’re being very, very, very safe, or b) your grandparents are dead, an eventual reality Traynor absolutely refuses to acknowledge, which makes perfect sense, as it is very clear that Doris Brown will live forever.

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