May 31, 2023


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Inside The Bold Type’s Katie Stevens’ Nashville Home, Where She Envisions Starting a Family

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Katie Stevens will be the first to admit she isn’t a natural-born interior designer — but that doesn’t mean her house isn’t picture perfect. 

The star of Freeform’s The Bold Type, 27, recently redecorated the Nashville home she shares with her husband, Boys Like Girls guitarist Paul DiGiovanni, 32, with an assist from the design service Modsy, who helped the couple combine their personal styles into one gorgeous space. 

“I think we both agreed that we love minimalism and we don’t like anything that’s super-duper busy,” Stevens tells PEOPLE of she and DiGiovanni’s aesthetic. The couple married in October 2019 but have been living together since 2015. Their current house was a recent purchase, giving them more space to grow as newlyweds. 

“I wanted everything to feel really neutral so that if we ever wanted to bring in some colors, it would be an easy palette to do that with,” Stevens explains. “Our house is really a lot of blacks and whites with gold and wood accents. I wanted inviting spaces that looked chic, but also felt cozy and warm.”

Modsy/Catherine Powell

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Using Modsy — an online interior design service that creates shoppable, 3D renderings of a space using customer photos and measurements — the pair made over both their living room and bedroom. They filled out some Modsy surveys to figure out exactly what they were looking for, then worked with the company’s designers to make it a reality.

“I’ve had homes before and I know myself — I buy a bunch of things and then don’t really love any of them,” Stevens explains of her decision to give the service a try. “I didn’t want to make that mistake with this house. I really want to make it feel like home immediately.”

Modsy/Catherine Powell

Now, she says, the home is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, with unique touches she never would have thought of, but now can’t see herself living without. See: layered rugs under the kitchen table and a leather dresser drawers. 

“I obviously like more feminine touches, but this home is me and my husband’s,” Stevens says. “We’ve balanced it out through little touches, like the different textures that we have, or the rugs that we chose or the side tables being a little more edgy. This beautiful wood table in the corner of our breakfast nook adds a little bit more roughness and masculinity to the room, which I really love.”

Modsy/Catherine Powell

Modsy/Catherine Powell

Modsy was also able to incorporate a few favorite pieces the couple already owned, like their couch and coffee table, which belonged to Stevens’s grandfather. 

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As newlyweds, the stars were also careful to account for space to grow within the home, as they hope to start a family together someday.

Modsy/Catherine Powell

Modsy/Catherine Powell

“It was really important to me that the home be perfect because this is the home that Paul and I are starting our life in,” Stevens says. “I definitely look around the room and I think how eventually we’re going to have kids, and that table could be where the kids may someday be doing their homework, or how the couch will be where we’ll be watching a movie as a family.”

Stevens was also thinking of her future kids — and her own childhood — when she designed her bedroom, which she describes as “my Pinterest dream.” 

Modsy/Catherine Powell

“We have this really cute reading nook in the corner and we put a chaise lounge in there,” she explains. “My mom used to have a chaise kind of like that in one of her dressing rooms, and I just remember I used to sit on that when I was little and I would read books with my mom or I would watch her get ready. Now, I look at our little nook and wonder if I’ll be there reading to my kids, and my kids will be watching me.”

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Though she’s not home as much as she’d like (The Bold Type, which is currently in its fourth season, shoots in Canada), Stevens feels like she’s right where she belongs when she does get to settle down with DiGiovanni in Nashville.  

“We come home every day and we sit on the couch and I look around and there’s nothing that I would want to change,” says the actress. “It feels like our personalities blended together, and I think that that’s the best thing because it’s symbolic to what is actually happening in our life.”