May 31, 2023


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How to Decorate Home with Flowers?

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How to Decorate Home with Flowers?

Remember the last time when you got some flowers from the market or you were gifted? Remember how it instantly added up its charm to your home decor making your home sweet home bright and beautiful? That is exactly the kind of magic every flower has the power to create. From being a beautiful centrepiece over your dining table to covering up for the dullest corners of your house, flowers can be easily used to decorate our homes to make it more homely. Here’s how can you decorate your home with some mesmerizing flowers like roses, daisies, gerberas, lilies, carnations, orchids and much more. Take some ideas and liven up your home/room decor. 

  1. Turn your old, torn off rubber boots into a new quirky flower vase. Wash those rubber boots and paint them in your way. Once done, place some bright tulips in it. Doesn’t it look just wonderful? We bet, it does!
  2. We are pretty sure you may have some glass jars and containers which you don’t often use them. It’s time to put them into use. Fill these glass jars or containers with some water and put some seashells, pebbles, or fishbowl decorations in it. It makes an economical yet creative way of decorating your home with flowers. 
  3. Got fruit or a flower basket? Add some cosiness to your home decor as you choose to present and preserve the freshness of some flowers by placing it in the basket. It will be like a small mini garden of flowers. 
  4. Every morning you start your day by having some eggs. So we thought why not make use of the eggshells instead of throwing them away. Wash some eggshells and place some miniature flowers and plants in it. Place all these eggshells over a flat surface plate. It would surely make your flowers look springy and fresh. Other than flowers, you can even choose to decorate these eggshells with green twigs, pebbles, dried flowers, or any other decorations.
  5. If you have a garden, we bet, you have some watering pots too! Get those old, rusted watering pots painted with some bright colour. And face some fresh long-stemmed flowers complementing the colour of the watering pot. It is sure to reflect your creativity or imagination. 
  6. Winters are long gone, which means relishing some soup in a bowl would be on pause for the next winter season. So for the time being, you can turn the soup bowls into a posh place for the display of some seasonal summer flowers. It will surely brighten up your house. 
  7. Got some old glass bottles? It’s time to decorate your home interiors with those tall glass bottles to draw everyone’s attention with a simple yet very creative thought. Make sure they are somewhat symmetrical in their design or size or shape to maintain the consistency of interiors. 

So, these were some of the classic ways to decorate your home with flowers. Hope you liked them and are willing to give each one of them, a try. Make sure to share this article with your artistic bunch of friends and family.