“Tall cubbies for sports equipment with sturdy hooks for hanging backpacks and outerwear are key,” Reineberg says.

Baskets provide additional storage and keep the space tidy, says Jessica Wachtel, interior designer at GTM Architects.

“Maintain order by having a spot for each family member, including pets,” Wachtel adds.

If space allows, Reineberg advises installing a free-standing or wall-mounted utility sink for rinsing off dirty boots and muddy cleats.

“You can even incorporate a drip-dry station over a utility sink for hanging damp clothes,” he says. “Nowadays homeowners are looking for a flat surface for sorting mail and opening boxes before entering the home. Consider installing a flat surface in the mudroom with a USB port for charging electronics, too.”

Surfaces should be durable, but also can be fun, Wachtel says.

“A color combination like black and white makes a standout statement,” she adds.

Textures, such as shiplap and wainscoting, or a bright wall color can add personality to this area.

A small space like a mudroom or laundry room gives homeowners the opportunity to be more creative in their design choices than they may be in a bigger space. Wachtel suggests adding pattern to the floor with graphic cement tiles.

“In addition, easy to clean, skidproof and water-resistant flooring should be considered,” Reineberg adds.