June 1, 2023


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How to Choose the Right Cushions for your home – indoors and outdoors

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How To Choose The Right Size Throw Pillow - Cushion Factory

When you think about sofa cushions, the available options out there are truly endless. Cushions also form part of many different areas in our home, such as lounges, bedrooms and outdoor relaxation areas. So how do you go about choosing the right fit for you? One way to start is by reading customers company rating for reviews on companies that sell furniture items to ensure that you find the best quality for your money’s worth. You could opt for online stores or physical stores in and around your area, but always check reviews and ratings before making any purchases. Using a guide on which cushions to buy could help determine which material, size, and inners would suit your needs. 


The style of cushions indoors would be completely different for outdoor cushions, such as these garden furniture accessories on harrod horticulture. Outdoor cushions would have a different design made specifically for garden furniture. Additionally, the style of the area you’re decorating should be in line with the type you choose for your cushions.

So, how do you go about choosing the right cushion?

Firstly, think about the overall colour palette of the area; coordinating your cushions with the overall decor of your home will create balance in the overall look. Next, play around with different sizes and textures in relation to the size of the furniture you’re decorating. Such as using bigger, bolder cushions for neutral coloured couches that take up the most space in your living room. Furthermore, using different textures and tones will make the furniture pieces stand out more. Finally, consider using different patterns of the same colour palette to add more variety to your look. 

Cushions, but on the floor?

When you think about cushions, the first place you’d think of putting them would not be the floor. However, floor cushions are a great add-on for indoors or outdoors. These could be placed next to coffee tables or existing furniture that would come in handy for all different types of occasions, even if it might be that you just feel like laying on the ground that day! Also, remember to keep all the inners of your cushions that could be reused with different pillowcases if you’d like to change the look again at any given time. Lastly, remember to have fun and play around with all the options to achieve the right balance and look that suits you. Maybe you like wall to wall carpet in dubai.