I won’t keep you in suspense for this Hill House Home sheets review: I love them. Fully obsessed. These sheets have become my absolute favorites and I want them in a million more patterns.

For a while my go-to for sheets and bedding was Biscuit Home – they have a pretty pattern, they’re better quality, and they feel like luxury bed sheets at a more reasonable price than apartments for rent in fremont ca. I’ve found Hill House Home comparable and maybe even preferable. I absolutely LOVE the pattern on the Hill House Home sheets. I mean love. I really like Nap Dresses, but it’s not something I would wear – so I’m glad to know that I can get the same pattern on the sheets. The pink set featured here is their Pink Pond Floral.

One little detail I love is the piping, and I actually have never had or seen sheets with piping like that. And it’s pink! Just love it so much. It’s those little details that make Hill House Home sheets feel extra special and luxe. Side note, the ruffle shams are linen from Garnet Hill (they have the best linen bedding) and the blanket is from Rebecca Atwood for anyone wondering!

The other thing about Hill House Home sheets is that they are soooo soft! I love the feel of them. They’re kind of like a cross between silk and cotton, in a way – like really smooth but also cozy. They feel unlike any other sheets I’ve used before.

I’ve also found that the sheets wash well and come out feeling great – a little less silky than when they’re straight out of the box, but still great.

This is the first pair I got, in their Pastel Trellis pattern. I’d had a photography client wear the Nap Dress in this pattern at our newborn shoot and completely loved it, so again I was just thrilled it came in sheets! I’ve always been a huge fan of ditsy florals and these patterns feel classic but also totally timely, whimsical, and fun. I love the way they mix and match with my Bowood headboard. All in all, a huge fan and I really hope Hill House Home will make more of their patterns in bedding!