June 1, 2023


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First Look at Tesla’s new refresh Model X electric SUV

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Tesla has unveiled the new refresh Model X electric SUV, along with the new Model S, revealing a new design, different options, and updated pricing.

New Tesla Model X Interior

While the focus is on the Model S due to its bigger need of an update and the already announced Plaid version, the Model X is benefiting from the change.

Like with Model S, the electric SUV is getting a brand new interior.

It is very similar to the new Model S interior, but the Model X still retains its panoramic windshield and it can also be configured up to 7 seats.

Here are a few pictures of the new Model X interior that Tesla released today:

For more details on the new interior features, you can read our more extensive post on the Model S interior changes.

New Tesla Model X Specs, Trims and Pricing

While the interior update is the most significant, the Model S and Model X updates are inside and out.

The Model X exterior design has been slightly updated to include a chrome delete, updated front-end, and slight changes to the lines:

Tesla also changed the configurations available with now the Long Range starting at $90,000 and the Performance version being replaced by the ‘Plaid’ at $120,000:

The Model X didn’t get a ‘Plaid+’ like the Model S, but the electric SUV is used to have lower performance the Tesla’s flagship sedan.

Nonetheless, the electric SUV is getting a nice little performance upgrade:

Like we previously reported with the new Model S refresh, the Model X is also getting a new drivetrains using technology used in Model 3 and Model Y motors as well as the heat pump first introduced in Model Y and more recently in Model 3.

Production of the new Model X is about to start this quarter with deliveries to follow shortly after.

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