June 8, 2023


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Can feng shui make you rich?

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Business moguls are spending thousands of dollars on feng shui for the office.

The ancient Chinese practice of maintaining high energy through interior design, furnishings and decor in the workplace is bringing positive vibes and even increasing the bottom line for some business owners who are hiring feng shui experts in the workplace.

The developers behind billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin’s new office hired feng shui practitioner Alex Stark to bless the massive space overlooking Central Park and adorn it with quartz crystals and even embed wind chimes in the walls.

“Feng shui wise, it presented a number of issues,” Stark told FOX Business of the semi-transparent glass skyscraper on Park Avenue where Griffin’s financial firm Citadel will relocate on the top floor of the building slated to open in 2021.

“It relied on introducing elements that would balance the steel and metal. We introduced a lot of earth qualities like stones with mineral quartz and certain types of granite that contain a lot of quartz in the structure’s décor and furnishings, and pure quartz in the foundation,” he said of balancing out the modern space with earthy touches.

Stark buried large pieces of quartz minerals inside the walls believed to promote protection, healing and energy, and softened up the semi-transparent space with wooden wall finishes and carpeting.

“We hang wind chimes in the walls and performed rituals to calm the whole space down to make sure the energy going in at the beginning of construction is as calm and quiet as possible,” Stark said.

The feng shui philosophy is all about bringing positive energy to a space. According to the philosophy, that can be done simply by moving your desk so that it faces your office entrance, into what Stark calls the “commanding position,” that symbolizes being in charge of your own energy, or simply by decluttering your cubicle so there’s more room to work and adding a plant or succulents to bring in an element of nature to your work environment.

A number of entrepreneurs and business owners are investing in feng shui and energy healing practices to optimize their performance and boost employee engagement. Unicorn entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates have implemented feng shui to boost their productivity.


New York City-based business owner Liz Tran left her job in venture capital to train high powered executives at her company Reset, a wellness sanctuary decorated with rose quartz crystals. She trains employees to find work-life balance through meditation, movement and feng shui.

Tran, who charges between $2,500 to $4,000 per client, says she’ll work with entrepreneurs on meditation and energy practices ahead of a big pitch meeting.

“I often recommend clients to change up their office environment and make sure they have enough physical space to recharge,” Tran said.

Tran said her energy practice of working with clients on a 45-minute meditation before a pitch meeting has translated to big fundraising. A tech entrepreneur she happened to work with went on to raise $17 million in funding before launching the company, she said.


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