May 31, 2023


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Burning down the House

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Your house is burning down, you can only save one record: what would it be?  - The Vinyl Factory

What happens if your home suddenly catches on fire? It must be horrifying for this to happen to any homeowner. Fires could start over minor things and change people’s lives for the worst. We must understand that there are ways for us to prevent a home fire. You need to know what to do after the fire happens. If anyone has to go through this struggle, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are not protected. The United States of America has over 346,000 fires a year. That is a highly staggering number. Which means it can almost happen to anybody. In most major cities, especially Philadelphia, we don’t understand how common these are. When you live in a town, you constantly hear fire trucks ringing. The reason being is they’re always running to some fire. They’re a terrifying but realistic thing that can happen whenever. There’s also very possible for us to not be prepared and lose lives.

How do fires start

When winter rolls around, the most common form of a home fire is electric space heaters plugged into extension cords. Believe it or not, many people do not understand that you cannot plug an electric heater directly into an extension cord. The reason being is that the electric heater will begin to overheat because it’s rolling too much power. And the extension cord will not allow the right amount of energy to get to it. Then what will happen is the extension cord will begin to burn, slowly catching the house on fire.

Another big fire starter is kitchen fires. You may hear about it in restaurants a lot, and there’s a small kitchen fire that breaks out but slowly gets under control. The reason is that sometimes we like to leave our food cooking unattended. It could cause oil to get set on fire quickly. People don’t understand that you can’t put oil out with water. The oil will expand, causing the fire to get larger and spread. Sometimes, faulty wiring to appliances can cause a quick spark, even in the kitchen.

Faulty wiring in our electrical system is another huge problem. Many people don’t understand that over time the wires could wear out. And since they’re behind the walls, we don’t know if anything’s going wrong. Electrical is one of the scariest types of fire. Because they have been so suddenly and they spread so quickly. Most homes, even in Philadelphia, have ancient electrical systems. When we buy houses Philadelphia, we don’t understand if there’s anything wrong with our electrical system. Or we just purchased the home so long ago that we never think about getting this stuff inspected. Electrical systems can seem very complicated to most. If you don’t know what you are doing, they can be. Some people may try to touch the electrical system looking to fix it independently. It is not recommended always to have a professional come and look at any electrical problems. Even if you think you have fixed it, it can still cause pain down the road.

How to be protected from a fire

There are many ways to protect yourself in the events before a home fire. Insurance is one of the most significant ways to keep your home covered after a fire. Every homeowner has to get insurance if they have a mortgage. But sometimes at the house is paid off, we forget to get this insurance. The most common thing is for renters not to have insurance. Most renters think that they do not need insurance on their homes. But this is all the more reason to make sure you get covered in the event of a fire. Most insurance companies will cover up to the number of your belongings in the home. If you own a lot, this could help you when and if a fire tends to break out. 

Smoke alarms are an excellent way to keep yourself prepared in the event of a fire. It is always good to have these in doorways and hallways. As long as you have one in each room, then it is possible that you would realize a fire before it gets too bad. You can always pick up a fire extinguisher to have kept in your home. Fire extinguishers are very cheap and can be picked up at any hardware store. They may become a lifesaver and well worth the money if you ever fall victim to a fire. If the fire gets too bad, you may not be able to stop it with a distinguisher. But there are times when you catch fire soon enough before it spreads. The more exits you have in a home, the safer you are. 

Ways to sell my fire-damaged home

In Philadelphia, it seems like fires happen to residents almost every day. Suppose a fire damages your home. You could be looking for a way to sell my house fast Philadelphia. The only problem is you feel who would buy your home when it’s all burned up. There are plenty of cash home buyers in Philadelphia that are willing to buy your home and its current fire condition. Companies like Buying Property 215 specialize in buying homes with severe damage. When we buy houses Philadelphia, we don’t realize that things like this can happen. The truth is it happens a lot more than you can imagine. It is terrifying when you know that your home is on fire. As human beings, mistakes happen, as well as freak accidents. It is a relief to know that you can sell your house to somebody willing to buy it no matter how bad the damage. We want to make sure that we are prepared as possible if this ever happens to us. You can always contact your local fire marshal and ask for advice on ways to save your home from a fire. You are not looking for someone to sell my house fast either; instead, you live in that home.