June 10, 2023


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Boeing Business Jet 737: Alberto Pinto design, photos, cabin, interior

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  • PrivatAir was a Swiss airline known for its fleet of Airbus and Boeing private jets, particularly the BBJ 1, used for private charter and by major airlines including Lufthansa and Scandinavian Airlines.
  • Based on the Boeing 737-700, the BBJ 1 offered greater space and capacity than smaller private jet rivals and is a favorite among the elite. 
  • Design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto was tasked with creating an interior for one of the jets, adding to the firm’s extensive private aircraft portfolio. 
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PrivatAir was a unique Swiss airline that focused on operating private jets from Airbus and Boeing, known as Airbus Corporate Jets and Boeing Business Jets, respectively. 

Before its insolvency in 2018, the firm offered exclusive charter flights on the narrow-body aircraft but also flew business traveler-oriented routes for Lufthansa and Scandinavian Airlines on aircraft that focused on premium seating.

The aircraft used for many of these flights was the Boeing Business Jet 1, based on the 737-700 passenger airliner. PrivatAir offered numerous configurations for its BBJs including all-business class, hybrid business and economy, or the ultra-luxurious private jet style. 

For one of its BBJs, PrivatAir turned to renowned French interior design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto to create the interior, as the firm has done with numerous Airbus and Boeing private jets including the ACJ319 and BBJ 747-8, the largest private jet in the world.

The final product was an apartment-like aircraft that didn’t compromise too much on capacity, offering all the trimmings of a private jet but still being able to seat 28 passengers comfortably. 

Take a look onboard this Cabinet Alberto Pinto-designed BBJ 737 formerly in use with PrivatAir.