June 10, 2023


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Best online courses for virtual learning

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There is no better feeling than finding a new passion.

While some may have turned to craft kits in recent weeks, others may be looking to tick off another box on their bucket list and learn a new skill – well, now is the perfect time to do so.

With a little extra time on our hands it is the ideal moment to focus on ourselves, whether that involves honing a skill or craft we have been practicing, or picking up a completely new hobby.

There are a whole host of activities to occupy your mind and body amid the coronavirus lockdown.

While some may be wanting to learn a new language, or even try their hand at music, others may be yearning to learn to code.

For budding yogi’s, or fitness bunnies, getting to grips with yoga practice may be on the cards.

Although others may be wanting to hone their skills in the home, and perfect their culinary abilities, or widen their knowledge on interior design.

However you choose to broaden your horizons, there are a vast array of online courses for you to learn your desired skill virtually.

While some activities may be free, others might come with a cost, some may take a few hours to pick up, although others may take weeks. One thing is for sure – you will feel rewarded when you have your skill down to a tee.

Our top pick of online courses

Adobe Photoshop

Hone your editing skills with the vast array of online courses and tutorials on the Adobe website ranging from two to 20 minutes. .

The site has catered for everyone’s needs as it includes tips and tricks for beginners, as well as more in depth lessons for those who are slightly more advanced.


Learning a language is often high on people’s bucket list, and Babbel will allow exactly that.

The site allows you to choose from up to 14 languages to learn, including Spanish, French, Turkish, Russian and many more, and has an interactive dialogue trainer option to help you perfect your pronunciation.

The website caters for everyone’s abilities, and allows you to learn at your own pace too. Did we mention it is absolutely free?


For those looking to learn code, CodeInstitute offers participants the chance to practice the skill for free in just five days.

Those who sign up will have online access to the world-class Learning Management System (LMS), and will be assigned a new challenge every day, so by the end you will have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


Coursera is an online site that allows subscribers to learn a variety of topics, from languages to photography as well as financial markets and algorithms, as well as degree courses.

It is free to enrol for the course, and for those who do join will have access to a range of courses, all of which have assessments to complete.

What we love is once the course has been completed you will earn a certificate.


EdPlace is the ideal virtual learning destination for those who are looking to progress their learning, especially students.

This site provides revision exercises for year one students up to GCSE level, as it covers everything from Maths,English and Science to help boost results across all ages and abilities in accordance with the national curriculum.

A free trial will set you back just £1, and if you enjoy the classes and wide range of practice papers you can select from a variety of annual or monthly subscriptions.

For £66 you will get a single subject per year, £99 for a year’s access to the core subjects, or £132 for core and 11+ package, although there are also family deals too, which range from £110 to £220 a year.


Looking for educational courses, but at a slightly higher level? edX is for you, as it offers over 25000 university level courses from 140 institutions, including Harvard, MIT and Boston University.

This site is free to enrol, although some courses may have a fee, and allows you the flexibility to further your knowledge, or even take a new career path, which will see you receive a verified certificate upon completing the assessments.

From Literature degrees to computing, Master’s degrees and MicroBachelors programmes, there are a whole host of courses to suit your preferences.


Whether you are looking to get into yoga, pilates or meditation for the first time, or are a seasoned yogi, Glo may be for you.

This fitness site connects you to a network of trained teachers across the globe in all forms of yoga, as well as pilates and meditation, offering 16 styles for any level, which equates to over 4,000 classes.

A week, and 15-day trial is available for free, and what we love most is when you sign up you can tailor your instructor and classes to suit your needs; whether it is for core strength, pre natal, and depending on your experience too.


LinkedIn is best known for helping people find new careers and jobs, but it also offers a range of courses too.

From photography courses to software development tutorials, there ate a huge range of courses to sign up to, all of which are expert led and provide a certificate on completion.

LinkedIn members can sign up for a month’s free trial, after which time there will be a fee of £24.98 per month.


Masterclass offers subscribers the chance to learn from the professionals in the comfort of their home.

From cooking along to Gordon Ramsay’s advice, learning the top tips on interior design with Kelly Wearstler, or widening your filmmaking skills thanks to Martin Scorsese, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for creative writing options, design, music , TV or something more contemporary such as beat making or mixology, Masterclass has a broad selection, all of which can be enjoyed for just £170 a year.


OpenLearn allows you access to free university courses, which range from health and sports, politics, law and maths to business and the arts.

OpenLearn is ideal for those who looking for flexible learning, especially on a budget.


Udemy is one of the go-to sites for those looking for a range of online courses to widen their skillset.

From learning to play the piano, and photography tutorials, to learning how to be a web developers, there is a vast array of lessons at your disposal, with some costing just £16.99 a month, although prices may vary depending on the course.