RH’s New Design Gallery Has One of the Most Comprehensive Collections of Luxury Furnishings in the World

Photo credit: RH
Photo credit: RH

From Veranda

RH, a luxury home furnishings and lifestyle brand, is opening its first design gallery at the company’s home base in Marin County, California. RH Marin, which is located at the Village at Corte Madera, opens for business today at 11 a.m. PST, offering so much more than just sleek and stylish home furnishings.

The 60,000-square-foot, six-level compound houses both its modern and outdoor collection and boasts one of the most comprehensive collections of luxury home furnishings in the world. RH Marin is also home a RH Interior Design Firm & Atelier, a rooftop restaurant, park, and wine bar for a one-of-a-kind shopping, designing, and dining experience all-in-one.

RH Marin’s rooftop restaurant has a highly acclaimed ingredient-driven menu in a magical skylit garden setting underneath its iconic crystal chandeliers. The restaurant extends outdoors into the park, which boasts impeccable views of Mount Tamalpais to the

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Want to sell your house? Here are the interior design trends you shouldn’t follow

The coronavirus pandemic has cast uncertainty over the real estate market, with a new study by OJO Labs finding that 54% of would-be-buyers cite the inability to see homes in person as a reason for their hesitation to purchase a property.

Despite this delay in their home-buying plans, some 30% of surveyed buyers reveal that they are looking at available listings more often than before their search was impacted by the pandemic.

While home-owners are turning to Instagram to find trendy design features that could increase the value of their property in the market, some “on-trend” home improvements are more likely to put potential buyers off.

A recent study, conducted by Rated People with 1,038 UK homeowners, notes that prospective buyers are less likely to buy a property with rooms painted in dark blue (52%) and dark grey (49%).

Although popular on Instagram with more than 2,180 posts with

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Everything You Need to Know to Apply Feng Shui at Home

Photo credit: GSPictures - Getty Images
Photo credit: GSPictures – Getty Images

From House Beautiful

Feng shui isn’t just a buzzword for interior designers and real estate agents: It’s an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps people find balance in the way they live their lives by harmonizing their living spaces with nature through spatial design. The key is qi (pronounced “chee”), or the energy that connects all living things. Through the implementation of specific design principles that promote auspiciousness, feng shui is said to allow your energy to flow uninhibited through your home, improving your overall quality of life.

The history of feng shui

Over the last 30 years, the concept of feng shui has been developing a loyal following in the American interior design world, but the design philosophy has its roots in ancient China. The philosophy originated in astrology, with ancient cultures designing burial plots to align with celestial objects like stars. Over millennia,

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Are Vaulted Ceilings a Design Do or Don’t?

Photo credit: Andrea Rugg - Getty Images
Photo credit: Andrea Rugg – Getty Images

From House Beautiful

As far as controversial architectural elements go, vaulted ceilings are some of the most divisive, with some designers praising them for their grand, lofty flair and others deriding them for being outdated, not to mention wasteful of energy. But vaulted ceilings have been around for millennia, so it’s likely that they’re here to stay in some capacity.

Photo credit: Michael Robinson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Robinson – Getty Images

What are vaulted ceilings?

In architectural terms, a vaulted ceiling is a self-supporting arch above walls and beneath a roof. Some of the first vaulted ceilings can be traced back to a neolithic village in Crete, built roughly seven thousand years ago. Since then, they’ve been found around the world across ages, perhaps most notably in Gothic cathedrals and in domed spaces like the Pantheon in Rome. Different styles of vaults include barrel, groin, rib, and

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