Remember Hygge?

Remember hygge? The Danish way of life that trended on American design sites a few years back? Over the course of a few months, hundreds of articles were shared about how non-Danes could achieve a more hygge way of life by adding simple pleasures. Considering Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, people feverishly lapped up tips on how bringing more candles and knitted blankets into the home can spark joy. Hygge, like all things in vogue, came and went. But in Denmark, hygge is far from a trend, it’s a way of life. During the long, dark winters when Danes retreat inside their homes, hygge is what brings them a great sense of comfort and joy. As we huddle inside our abodes during lockdown or shelter in place, seeking out simple hyggelig comforts is more relevant than ever.

The hygge approach to life begins in

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There’s never been a finer time to refresh your furniture.

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Credit: Nathan Van Egmond/Unsplash

There’s nothing like an involuntary extended staycation to make you realize just how much you wish you had better furniture, or, you know, a desk, or even slightly more upgraded decor — whatever it is that would make prolonged at-home hanging a bit more comfortable. Fortunately, now’s your moment to make some moves on the interior design front because Frontgate is running a limited-time site wide sale and taking 25% off everything.

Frontgate, the popular premium home goods e-commerce site, is stocked with a huge selection of fine furniture, decor, and other essentials you’ll need to make some material improvements around the house (or even in your yard). And right now, its huge inventory of couches, coffee tables, desks, beds, lighting, storage solutions, rec room games, kitchen tools, cookware, rugs, and more is a cool 25% off. Even better? Its

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The NFL Draft Shows Just How Much America Needs Sports

The enduring popularity of the NFL draft has always left me mystified. For months before the annual spring event, pundits endlessly speculate about where the best football prospects will land. A year ago, the three-night draft reached more than 47.5 million viewers. Some 600,000 people gathered in Nashville to catch it live. All for what? To watch football players put on hats?

A couple of weeks ago, the thought of the NFL conducting a virtual version of its draft felt wholly inappropriate. During this devastating pandemic, with the rest of the sports world shut down, the league was going to conduct business as usual?

But America, it seems, is longing for the kind of shared communal experiences that sports can deliver. A week ago, the WNBA draft — also conducted virtually and broadcast on ESPN — saw its viewership rise 123%. The long-awaited 10-part docuseries about Michael Jordan

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Zero-Waste Movement – Lauren Singer Package Free

We all know that living sustainably can be a daunting task—it’s hard to feel as if you’re ever doing enough. You’ve bought your metal straws, you say no to plastic bags, you carry a reusable water bottle. But Lauren Singer is here to tell you that zero-waste living is more attainable than it may seem. The founder and CEO of Package Free, Singer has been documenting her sustainability journey for the better part of the past eight years. Spurred on by her frustration toward an environmental-studies classmate who consistently relied on single-use plastic, she decided she wanted her actions to speak louder than her words. ELLE Decor talked with Singer to understand what zero-waste means and how she’s incorporated it into every aspect of her life, from her business to her home.

ELLE Decor: OK, can you give me a quick rundown of what a zero-waste lifestyle entails?

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