• Cabinet Alberto Pinto recently designed the interior of an Airbus ACJ319 private jet for the private use of a Chinese businessman, the latest in its portfolio of jet interiors.
  • While typically used by airlines, the ACJ319 is the private jet variant of the Airbus A319 and offers its users a wide-cabin experience unmatched by smaller Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Dassault jets.
  • The flying penthouse features a master bedroom, two lounges, and a dining area, as well as an onboard shower.
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French design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto is one of the leaders in private aircraft interior design. 

The firm’s portfolio, under the direction of Linda Pinto, includes airliners turned private jets from Airbus and Boeing, which manufacturer some of the world’s largest planes. Alberto Pinto was behind the interior design of a massive Boeing Business Jet 747-8i, a four-engine palace that’s currently the largest private jet to roam the skies.

One plane with which the design firm is intimately familiar is the Airbus ACJ319, the private jet variant of the Airbus A319 currently in service with scores of airlines ranging from British Airways to Spirit Airlines. Unlike the airline operators of the type, however, Alberto Pinto’s clients are expecting the most lavish and luxurious interiors for their aircraft. 

A recent addition to the Cabinet Alberto Pinto line-up is an ACJ319 purchased for private use by a Chinese businessman, according to Architectural Digest. After delivery, the plane was entrusted to the firm and Swiss aircraft interior builder AMAC Aerospace to create the masterpiece. 

Take a look inside the final product.