Porsche Design Made a Kitchen Knife That’s as Sharp as Your 911

What if your cutlery had all the precision of a 911? Porsche Designs’ latest release for the kitchen turns that proposal into a reality.

Dubbed the Universal Knife, this sleek blade certainly lives up to its all-encompassing name. Forged from pure Japanese 301 stainless steel, the entire utensil is molded from a single piece of metal for added durability and longevity with a razor-sharp edge. It skips the usual handle designs opting for a faceted ergonomic grip that helps make any prep work especially speedy (i.e., tomatoes will be split into neat slices rather than inadvertently crushed). And measuring 15.2cm (approximately 6 inches) in length, it can suit a wide array of tasks not to mention grip sizes.

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Its handling proves especially nimble not only because of its superb construction but because of one of the minds behind its creation. Jörg Wörther was an award-winning

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A Detailed Guide For Where To Buy Your Next Rug Online

Just like building a house, great interior design starts with a strong foundation — and a strong foundation often starts with a rug. In a digital era marked by the overabundance of choice, making such weighty decor decisions online instead of in-store can feel overwhelming. We may not be interior decorators but we’re pros in navigating the vast world of e-commerce, so we’re here to help you along your virtual rug journey.

There’s a lot to consider when picking out your floor art (yes, that’s what we’re calling it). In addition to selecting the right texture, thickness, and consistency, you also want to keep color palette and even country of origin in mind. Whether you’re going for dreamy bohemian or contemporary cool, your rug of choice wields the power to make or break a space’s design aesthetic — it pulls enough weight to dictate how your furniture is arranged.

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This Vintage Superyacht Blends Classic 1920s Design With Modern Tech

For Jonathan Turner, owner of the authentic 1920s yacht Fair Lady, the marriage of classic design with modern technology is a match made in heaven. The 121-footer, built and launched by Camper & Nicholsons in 1928, bears all the hallmarks of the fabulous flapper era, but remains a yacht designed for adventure, owned by a man intent on finding one.

The exterior is by Charles E. Nicholson, one of the most famous names in yacht design in the early years of the last century, while the interior comes from the drawing boards of modern yacht designer John Munford. This unlikely dream-team of two designers separated by a century has resulted in a unique yacht. Fair Lady’s mahogany-paneled walls and Art Nouveau furniture ooze original character, while the contemporary adaptations provide every modern comfort on board. The 1920s ship’s wheel and brass binnacle, for example, sit alongside the very

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2021 Mercedes S-Class Interior Shines With New Ambient Lighting

Just when you thought the S-Class’ cabin couldn’t get any brighter.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always had one of the best interiors, whether it be the swaths of high-end leather, the latest technology, or the sheer amount of features on offer. But the company promises an even more upscale experience with its upcoming model – Mercedes has even gone so far as to dub the inside of the upcoming 2021 S-Class a “third place.” That is, a refuge between home and work.

One thing to look forward to when stepping inside of the 2021 S-Class is the new ambient lighting. Hundreds of fiber optics made of a totally transparent coating line the door panels and floorboards, each fiber optic fixture consisting of about 250 LED lights. The goal, Mercedes says, is for the new ambient lighting fixtures to create a single continuous line of light throughout the vehicle.

2021 Mercedes-Benz

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