2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Interior Driveway Test

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GM has caught nothing but grief for the interiors of its full-size pickups since they were redesigned. Some of it is about perspective. Ram blew everybody away with the new 1500’s interior, but it’s not like the Ford F-150 is embarrassed by it. Chevy and GMC are. Even a top-shelf Sierra Denali doesn’t live up to the luxurious environment its price tag would promise. 

The trim of Sierra we’re testing is an AT4, though. That’s the light off-roading version of the Sierra that’s mechanically the same as the Silverado Trail Boss we recently reviewed. Looking at the interior from a pure functionality standpoint, the Sierra is perfectly fine at performing its truck duties. The seats are wide, flat and comfortable. It has huge armrests on both sides so you can stretch out as much as your truck stretches the boundaries of the road (seriously,

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Cadillac Lyriq EV’s Impossibly Long Interior Screen Revealed

The display is a single piece of glass!

UPDATE: The gallery originally contained an image of the Escalade’s cabin. It is now removed.

The screens in vehicles are only getting larger. For a perfect example, check out the massive, single-piece display for the upcoming Caddilac Lyriq electric crossover. It measures 33 inches (838.2 millimeters) long and 5 inches (127 mm) tall. Electrek obtained this image of the massive infotainment system as part of an interview with Bill Thompson, the senior design manager for user interfaces at General Motors.

The Lyriq’s UI screen has three sections (see below), despite being a single piece of curved glass. The area farthest to the left has the controls for the lighting and heads-up display. A digital instrument cluster occupies the next area to the right, and then there’s a wide infotainment display. The system can also show a single, unified image when the Caddilac

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