2021 Cars and Trucks That Are Worth Saving Up for Next Year

Although some automakers are delaying their 2021 models until 2022, the industry as a whole is making a comeback — and model year 2021 is shaping up to be a game-changer. From exciting, three-wheeled electric vehicles that can be had for under $20,000 to six-figure luxury roadsters, sports cars and coupes, there are good things on the horizon for anyone currently saving for a brand new car, truck, minivan or SUV.

There have been great leaps forward in hybrid and EV technology, and the features found both inside and out of the hottest upcoming vehicles are sure to amaze. From superior gas mileage and alternative fuels to infotainment centers and driver safety tech, there’s no shortage of wow in the automotive class of 2021.

In this study, GOBankingRates looked at trusted car experts’ roundups of highly anticipated 2021 vehicles and then found the MSRP, as well as other information like

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Does Trendy Design Always Stand the Test of Time?

A bright pink kitchen decorated in the iconic style of the 1980s.
A bright pink kitchen decorated in the iconic style of the 1980s.

Architectural design comes to life in a variety of ways, often standing out against a landscape of traditional elements. Strong characteristics of buildings, houses, and other dwellings add eye-catching appeal and provide unique features that make their designers easily identifiable. This type of innovation garners attention and praise from other architects, journalists, and design enthusiasts — but of course, what might initially appear to be ingenious details can also be the very things that turn potential buyers and investors away down the road. That’s because extreme designs often come to be associated with trends, although that fact doesn’t come to light until some time has passed and it becomes obvious that the work isn’t timeless after all.

Although there will always be people with the money and appreciation for extremely unique architectural works, most eccentric features find a

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Lindsey Adelman Releases a Wallpaper, Design Miami/ Launches a New Platform, and More News This Week

From significant business changes to noteworthy product launches, there’s always something new happening in the world of design. In this weekly roundup, AD PRO has everything you need to know.

Product Launches

Lindsey Adelman Designs a Mural-Style Wallpaper

The product, which is titled Eden, shows off a different side of the lighting designer’s capabilities. It’s come to fruition thanks to a collaboration with Calico Wallpaper, with whom Adelman first partnered in 2018. “Collaborating with Lindsey on this project was a delight,” Calico Wallpaper’s Rachel Cope comments to AD PRO. “We have a similar approach to the creative process in that we see beauty in imperfection. Eden celebrates that—it has an organic quality, like it’s handmade.”  

The Rug Company Celebrates 20 Years of Collaborating with Paul Smith

In 2000, designer Paul Smith happened to meet Christopher Sharp, founder of The Rug Company. Flash-forward to today, and Smith has created

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how Covid-19 will influence luxury home design

The living area at the Chelsea Waterfront penthouse - Julian Abrams
The living area at the Chelsea Waterfront penthouse – Julian Abrams

As lockdown restrictions ease, but life still remains very different from the way it was pre-pandemic, it’s becoming clear that certain changes in lifestyle that have occurred over the past few months are here to stay. With home-working, multifunctionality and hygiene top of the agenda, how will this affect the design of the luxury home long-term?

Interior designer Sarah Peake has noticed an increase in clients and potential clients looking at new homes in the country, or wanting to establish themselves full-time in an existing country house that had previously been a holiday bolt-hole – a trend that is likely to grow as working from home is normalised.

Peake predicts that this will have an impact on the design of country houses: she is currently working on a converted stables where the client has requested a luxury gym with

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