2021 Lexus IS Revealed With a New Design and Improved Handling

After numerous teasers and delays, Lexus has finally unveiled its 2021 IS sedan. Set to compete against cars like the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Audi A4, it’s been given some striking new looks, the latest tech, and a host of chassis upgrades to remain relevant in a market where crossovers dominate.

The 2021 IS shares its basic platform with the outgoing model, but it has reinforcements in key areas. It has upgrades in its radiator side supports, C-pillar section, and front side-member points, that make it more rigid than before, reducing unwanted vibrations and improving things like comfort and performance. The suspension has been reworked as well, with 20 percent lighter coil springs, forged aluminum A arms, and upgraded anti-roll bars. And that’s not all. From the release:

Engineers equipped the IS with new swing-valve shock absorbers equipped with ultra-low velocity valves in their pistons to manage oil flow

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The coolest concept cars of all time

Cars are shaped by regulations, market trends, executive demands, and the segment they’re designed to compete in. Concept cars allow designers to throw these considerations out the window and build what they would truly like to see on the road. They’re often wild, head-turning creations that give us a glimpse into a stylist’s mind.

Automakers have recently become lazy in that regard, and these days concept cars are often little more than an upcoming production model decked out with cameras in lieu of door mirrors, big wheels, and shaved door handles. It’s unfortunate, but thankfully some brands still know which strings to pull to mesmerize us as we walk the floors of the world’s largest auto shows. Read on to learn more about some of the coolest concept cars of all time.

Volvo Venus Bilo (1933)

The 1938 Buick Y-Job is often credited as being the automotive industry’s first-ever concept

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