Miles Redd and David Kaihoi Designed a Houston Texas Guesthouse From Neglected Attic

Miles Redd and David Kaihoi
Interior designers Miles Redd (right) and David Kaihoi in the Chinese Red Room, one of two bedrooms in the attic suite.

Douglas Friedman

A few years ago, a Houston couple whose idea of a simple dinner party is a banquet for 50 or a fundraiser for 200 decided they needed just a little more space to entertain at their ­seven-bedroom mansion in River Oaks, a tony enclave where 100-year-old oak trees line streets with names like Lazy Lane Boulevard. They didn’t have to look too far for the expansion—they just looked up.

There, on the third floor of their vibrant, French-inspired palace, was hidden treasure, an attic neglected but full of possibility, like an old box of Christmas ornaments just waiting to be unwrapped, dusted off, and hung up again. To clear the cobwebs and turn a dowdy alcove into an after-hours Shangri-La consisting of two suites, a bar, a

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