A dream, a profession… the great testimonies

development of new technologies, functionalities and new methods of use. 


Creativity and new technologies

 on the evolution of style. It also addresses the issue of digitization and the impact it has on the creative process.

World famous designer and “dad” of some of the most beautiful and famous cars of all time “our” Walter De Silva has given birth to numerous models such as the Alfa Romeo 156, the sixth and seventh generation Volkswagen Golf and the Audi R8 (just to give some examples).

Horacio Pagani, among the “hosts” in the Motor Valley and founder of the House that bears his name, is the pencil behind masterpieces such as Zonda and Huayra, the culmination of a career made of other immortal projects such as the Lamborghini Diablo , whose team of design has been part.

A globetrotter like Kevin Rice, who has been in charge of Pininfarina

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Batavia Patch Honors High School Graduates: Class Of 2020

BATAVIA — Batavia Patch wants to share the achievements of local high school graduates by putting them in the spotlight over the next few weeks. Due to the coronavirus, in-person instruction has canceled the rest of the 2019-2020 school year in Illinois. We know these wonderful seniors are missing out on some of the last moments of the school year.

We hope that this will give the community a way to share their pride in our Class of 2020 high school graduates. You can find the form here if you’d like to add your graduate. Patch will be updating this form until May 31.

Here are few more of the Batavia Class of 2020 high school graduates:

Fiona Garrity, Batavia High School

Will be attending Luther College to pursue a nursing degree.

Message from Fiona’s family: “Fiona, we love you and are so proud of you! There are so many

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This Designer’s Curated Manhattan Home Exudes Tranquility

“I’ve always tried to create a sense of serenity in my interiors. And of course, now more than ever home as sanctuary is so meaningful,” says designer Sandra Nunnerley, whose Manhattan apartment is an example of practicing what you preach. “Everyone needs a place of tranquility to refresh, reflect, meditate, and renew one’s energy.”

Nunnerley’s rooms are filled with a carefully curated array of art, furniture, objects, and textiles, collected over years of extensive travel. Contemporary furniture of her own design lives harmoniously with 18th-century antiques, tribal art, and iconic 20th-century designs. Textiles range from luxurious silks to roughhewn linens—many unique pieces collected over time, others are fabrics she designed. “I’m not a minimalist, but I believe an interior improves when the furnishings are pared down,” says the New York–based designer of her idiosyncratic style. “When you give things breathing room, it allows pieces of disparate provenance to harmonize together.”

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Angie’s List Analyzes Instagram Posts to Determine the Most Popular Decor Style in Every State

Interior designs that used to be influenced by and shared via Better Homes and Gardens are now exploding on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. In fact, the Instagram hashtag #interiordesign has garnered over 87 million posts to date. Riding high on this wave of popularity, home improvement service finder Angie’s List has decided to identify decorating trends all across the United States to establish which styles are most prevalent in each region.

A stylish, simple midcentury modern bedroom from Angie's List.
A stylish, simple midcentury modern bedroom from Angie’s List.

To effectively analyze the information, the research team commissioned by Angie’s List focused on the 10 most common design tags, which they identified as:











The team then cleaned up the data by deleting outliers and organizing it all by state, ultimately creating two maps: one that shows the most popular design style tag in each state, and

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