What is life like in the Residences by Armani/Casa? Here’s the first look inside

What does $6.96 million at Residences by Armani/Casa get you? Take a look for yourself.

Co-developers Related Group and Dezer Development have released new photos of the building’s lobby area and a 4,000-square-foot unit at the 18975 Collins Ave. condo tower. The four bedroom, four-and-a-half bath unit was designed by the Miami-based interior design firm Artefacto in collaboration with Marisol Pinto.

By Armani / Casa standards, this unit is mid-sized. Apartments range from 2,700 to 6,000 square feet and are priced from $2.9 to $17 million.

The 56-story building in Sunny Isles is home to 308 units. Some 274 units — about 89% — have closed since December.

The building includes 35,000-square-feet of amenity space. Residents have access to a movie theater, wine cellar, children’s playroom, yoga studio and spa.

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Related story lead image
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Whether you’re a real estate professional or simply an aficionado, the

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Making a Case for the Black Toilet

Dramatic, chic, and coveted. Yes, we’re talking about a toilet. A black toilet, to be precise. Before you dismiss it as the provenance of goths or public restrooms with something to hide, allow us to make the case that a noir commode could be just what your bathroom needs. It not only works in a predominantly black bathroom, but complements materials like brass, black marble, terrazzo, and concrete. The first black toilet was introduced by Kohler in the 1920s, and now there are a span of updated designs to enhance any bathroom aesthetic—contemporary, traditional, modern Deco, or minimalist.

“A black toilet can be an exclamation or a backdrop to a bigger surprise. Either way, it is impossible to ignore,” says Joan Helen Barton, general contractor and principal designer of Dirty Girl Construction, who recently commissioned a serpentine design created by the L.A.-based studio Londubh, in a sultry

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Stuck at home? Grab some popcorn and turn on the tube

Millions of people are working from home or spending more hours on lockdown alone or with family members during the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, in today’s movie and television market, there are plenty of features that center on themes of particular interest to black viewers.

Here are several entertaining programs to consider. Get the popcorn and settle in.

Regina King in the season finale of
Regina King in the season finale of


If you missed the nine episodes of this HBO series, now you can see what all the talk was about. Many folks are familiar with the 1995 original comic series but this one is a drama for mature audiences set in Tulsa, Okla., 34 years after the original story. After white supremacists attack a local police department, only two cops survive. One is Angela Abar, played by Regina King, who adopts the identification of “Sister Night” and fights racist vigilantes.

Just Mercy

This movie is

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Hailee & Cheri Steinfeld on Their Favorite Mascara and Best Memories Together

Due to shelter in place orders, Hailee Steinfeld is at home in Los Angeles with her mother Cheri, her father Pete, and her brother Griffin. Still, the singer-songwriter and actor has kept busy, dropping the first part of her latest project, Half-Written Story, on May 8, and taking care of her new puppy, Martini (who is a total cutie).

For Mother’s Day this year, Allure asked Hailee and Cheri to have a conversation with one another on topics ranging from their most beloved beauty products to what they love about their jobs. The results: a candid, honest, and emotional back-and-forth between two best friends who just so happen to be related.

HAILEE STEINFELD: Mom, I want to know: What advice do you wish you could give your teenage self?

CHERI STEINFELD: Advice I would give my teenage self? Wear sunscreen.

HAILEE: That’s great advice. That’s something I don’t

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