This Newly Designed Space Encourages Women of Color to Learn Tech Fundamentals

Last month, when Melinda Gates announced a $50 million initiative to support gender-inclusive tech hubs, she highlighted a stubborn reality about the tech industry: By large margins, women are consistently underrepresented in the workforce. For women of color, those margins are even more extreme. According to a study by McKinsey, women of color represent only 4% of technical roles in tech companies (despite accounting for 16% of the general population). And when it comes to seats in the boardroom, that proportion dwindles even further.

Addressing this employment gap is not just a matter of making more hires. In what is a systemic problem with education—even education in its earliest stages—girls have less access and exposure to the types of math-, engineering-, and science-based curricula and training that later position their male counterparts as contenders for tech jobs.

<div class="caption"> The space is intended to allow girls more access and exposure to the sciences, with the goal of assisting their education for future jobs in technology. </div>

The space is intended to allow girls more access and exposure to

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Greg James’ wife says he didn’t come home from Brit Awards

Greg James failed to turn up to work on Wednesday after attending the Brit Awards on Tuesday night, and his wife Bella Mackie revealed that he never came home at all.

However, it transpired that James had been taken from an after-party for a pre-planned Radio 1 game.

Adele Roberts was on hand to host the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, but not before branding James a “dirty little no-show”.

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But Mackie revealed he never made it home either, tweeting: “Husband didn’t come home last night.”

However, she seemed to be making the most of the situation, as she added in another tweet: “I wrote about how to compromise with your partner over interior design for @_houseandgarden.

“But since @gregjames seems to have disappeared, I’m

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4 Dated Interior Design Trends to Ditch in 2020

Are you stuck in a bad relationship with trends that aren’t helping you live your best life? Break up with them. We just entered a new decade, after all, and it’s time to throw open the doors, air everything out, and make some serious changes.

Interior design experts are all over the internet telling us which items, colors, and styles are soon going to feel like the modern equivalent of shag carpeting and harvest gold appliances (which have possibly out so long that they’re almost cool again). Here are four of the biggest offenders:

Midcentury Modern Everything

This living and dining area is a little too midcentury modern for our taste.
This living and dining area is a little too midcentury modern for our taste.

Image via Froy

Midcentury modern is an enduring style for a reason, and many people consider it a classic that can never be “out.” That’s still true when it comes to individual pieces or small collections, but there’s no

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Modern European Elegance Graces LA’s New “Olivetta” Restaurant

If the food is sumptuous, why shouldn’t the decor be, too? In Los Angeles, diners looking for a multi-sensory experience can now head to Olivetta, a new Mediterranean-inspired eatery by the restaurateurs behind the Draycott in Pacific Palisades. With a classy but comfortable European vibe, Olivetta pushes back against contemporary restaurant design trends that equate raucous noise with popularity.


Located on Melrose Avenue near West Hollywood, Olivetta blends LA’s sunny, relaxed personality with a bit of Old World flair. Owners Marissa and Matt Hermer hired Tom Parker of interior design firm Fettle, who also designed the Draycott, to infuse the space with equal parts freshness and nostalgia. Contrasting with the airy black-and-white interiors commonly seen along the rest of Melrose, Olivetta is filled with cheerful colors, moody lighting, and soft textiles.

The space is roughly divided into four areas: a bar, a dining room, a “living room”

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