Modernist House by Charles Gwathmey Updated by Stephen Stills

Deborah Nevins
The house sits on 40 acres, eight of which are shaped by landscape designer Deborah Nevins.

Simon Upton

Remember the Met Costume Institute show “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations”? This story is like that: a conversation, but about a house, not clothes.

Like the one at the Met, our conversation is conducted across time. It takes place between two preeminent designers—a decorator and an architect, one living and one no longer—deep in the Connecticut woods. If we listen closely we will learn things we didn’t know about both.

Charles Gwathmey, Stephen Sills
“Gwathmey’s work, especially the smaller houses… have a sculptural quality like an Amish barn,” says owner Donna Rosen.

Simon Upton

The participants are Stephen Sills, who sits at the top of the interior design world, and Charles Gwathmey, one of America’s greatest architects from his explosion on the scene in 1965 up to his death, too soon, in 2009. The site, which

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