Space-Inspired Gym Features a Spiraling Slide

The average gym tends to be a dank, sweaty, uninspiring space full of droning televisions and vaguely unpleasant odors. And if you don’t already have an enduring passion for fitness, motivating yourself to go on a regular basis can be tough. It isn’t exactly a playground, is it?

Thankfully, more and more gyms are starting to take ambiance into account, working in fun and stylish details that can make working out feel like less of a slog.

A curving metallic slide sits at the center of Beijing's new MFIT SPACE 01 gym.
A curving metallic slide sits at the center of Beijing’s new MFIT SPACE 01 gym.

In Beijing, architecture and design firm STUDIO RAMOPRIMO have created a facility that looks more like a theme park than a gym. Located inside the Indigo East Hotel, MFIT SPACE 01 is a two-story, 6,500-square-foot fitness center that allows users to shape their own individual training paths during one-on-one classes, giving them the freedom to choose the exercises

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Cane Furniture May Have Ancient Roots, but It’s Back in a Big Way

With its gorgeous natural texture and airy, lightweight feel, cane furniture is one of the freshest decor trends for 2020. We’ve been ogling this open-weave rattan treatment in our Instagram feeds for a while, and now some of our favorite retailers (like Target, Anthropologie, and World Market) have embraced it with collections of chairs, headboards, storage pieces, and other accents featuring caned details. The woven pattern lends a casual, collected-over-time look to furniture styles, including boho, traditional, mid-century modern, and even contemporary. But this trendy furniture treatment is anything but new.

David Tsay

Caning is an ancient technique that involves weaving thin rattan strips in a multi-directional pattern. “Although it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact place and time of its origin, we know that the caning technique dates back to ancient China where it was utilized for basket making,” says interior designer Nina Grauer. “Caned

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6 Boy-and-Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas for Keeping the Peace While Staying Stylish

From increased empathy to better sleep, there’s a wealth of benefits when siblings share a bedroom. But how do you handle decorating said room—especially when you’ve got a boy and a girl trying to cohabit there peacefully? We checked in with Alexa Battista, a public relations specialist for Wayfair, for some decor ideas everyone can get behind. She told us, “One of the easiest ways to achieve a gender-neutral aesthetic is to choose soft tones such as white, gray or calming shades of yellow, along with light patterns including stripes and geometric lines. This combination will add charm and creativity to a space without leaning toward a specific gender.” She also sings the virtue of peel-and-stick wallpaper, as well as signs, wall decor and pictures that speak to each kid’s personality.

Want some inspo? Check out these six smart ideas for boy-and-girl shared rooms that are as stylish as they

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Nissan Terra vs. SsangYong Rexton

The local midsize SUV market has seen steady gains in the past few years. Filipino car buyers now show more purchasing power and are ready to take on larger vehicles focusing on decent interior and exterior specs designed to do more than just carry a family of five and a bag full of groceries on any given Sunday.

In this category are two midsize SUVs, the Nissan Terra and the SsangYong Rexton. Both vehicles are built from a ladder-frame chassis, have a diesel engine to boast, and seemingly comparable builds. But which exactly between our two five-door midsize sport utility vehicles is the better ride for the average Filipino family? Let’s start by checking how the base variants of both midsize SUVs stack up against each other frame by frame.


Surprisingly, the South Korean car manufacturer gifted the SsangYong Rexton 4×2 AT with a beefy frame as it dominates

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