This high-tech Embraer private jet design seamlessly blends sustainability and technology. Take a look at Praeterra.

An Embraer Praetor 600 with the Praeterra design rendering.
An Embraer Praetor 600 with the Praeterra design rendering.


  • Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer’s Praeterra design concept for its Praetor 600 business jet merges high-tech with sustainability.  

  • The aircraft interior features computer circuit board-like designs complemented by fiber-optic ceiling lighting and sidewalls lined with informational screens. 

  • Cabin materials are also sourced sustainably and developed in a way that allows them to have a second life once they’re no longer required inside the aircraft. 

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Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has a new interior design concept for its Praetor 600 private jet, one that seamlessly blends two seemingly opposite themes.

Called the Praeterra, a portmanteau between Praetor and terra – Portuguese for Earth, the concept seeks to incorporate the idea of a digital future with sustainability. The high-tech design on the interior is complemented by environmentally friendly measures that include using materials that are sourced

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2021 Mercedes E-Class Coupe, Cabriolet Videos Show The Updated Design

A well-thought-out facelift for what Mercedes refers to as “dream cars.”

While the S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet are reportedly on their way out, their counterparts from a segment below have just received a mid-cycle update. Introduced earlier this week, the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet get the same array of visual tweaks as the sedan and estate body styles unveiled back in March. Presented in these two videos are the coupe in AMG E53 flavor and the droptop in a Benz specification.

We get to find out straight from people within the teams behind these two cars how the design has been updated for the 2021 model year. Obvious changes include the completely redesigned headlights for both body styles, with the AMG E53 also getting the Panamericana grille with vertical slats for a more aggressive front end. The sportier of the two cars also has a prominent front apron that has

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ASID’s CEO Departs, GE Lighting Acquired by Savant, and More News This Week

From significant business changes to noteworthy product launches, there’s always something new happening in the world of design. In this weekly roundup, AD PRO has everything you need to know.


Savant to Acquire GE Lighting

Smart home tech company Savant Systems, Inc. made waves this week by announcing that it had inked a deal to buy General Electric Lighting. Savant plans to capitalize on GE Lighting’s brand name while expanding its products’ capabilities thanks to their own technologies. The news also marks a notable divestiture for American mega-company GE.

Home Furnishings Startup Closes Major Funding During COVID-19 Crisis

Fernish, the Los Angeles startup that rents home furnishings, recently closed its Series A round of funding amid the COVID-19 crisis. The company raised $15 million via round participants including RET Ventures; Spencer Rascoff, a cofounder of Zillow; and Fred Tuomi, former CEO of home-rental company Invitation Homes. The startup,

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How should L.A. be redesigned for coronavirus? Are doorknobs out? We asked the experts

From theaters to open offices, design in the age of COVID-19 will change the way cities look. <span class="copyright">(Jiaqi Wang / For The Times)</span>
From theaters to open offices, design in the age of COVID-19 will change the way cities look. (Jiaqi Wang / For The Times)

In another time, not long ago, an elevator was a conveyance to reach a higher floor, an open office was a spot to clock eight hours while hoping your boss didn’t catch you checking Facebook and a doorknob was one of those banalities of architecture that seemed to warrant attention only when it needed replacing.

What a difference a virus makes.

To live through the COVID-19 pandemic is to see the surfaces of our cities rewritten by invisible narratives of contagion. Elevators now seem like intolerably small spaces to share with a stranger. The open-plan office, with its recirculated air and countless shared surfaces, feels like a flu buffet. And that humble doorknob? It could play a starring role as a protagonist named Critical Vector in

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